Hugh Lawson Shearer, deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade of Jamiaca Keith Johnson, ambassador of Jamaica to the Federal Republic of Germany Alan Kirton, permanent secretary, office of the prime minister Frank Francis, permanent seretary, minister of foreign affairs Thomas Simpson, charge d'affaires a.i. of Jamaica George Arthur Brown, deputy administrator, United Nations Development Program Dorothy Carter, personal assistant to the prime minister Vice President and Mrs. Bush Caspar Weinberger, secretary of defense Edwin Meese III, counselor to the president William E. Brock III and Mrs. Brock, U.S. Trade Representative Sen. and Mrs. Howard H. Baker Jr. (R-Tenn.) Sen. Charles H. Percy (R-ill.) Rep. Clement J. Zablocki (D-Wisc.) Rep. Thomas B. Evans Jr. (R-Del.) James A. Baker III and Mrs. Baker, chief of staff and assistant to the president Michael K. Deaver, deputy chief of staff and assistant to the president Richard v. allen and Mrs. Allen, assistant to the president for national security affairs Admiral thomas B. Hayward and Mrs. Hayward, chief of naval operations Loren E. Lawrence, U.S. ambassador to Jamaica Marion Barry and Mrs. Barry, mayor of the District of Columbia John A. Bushnell and Mrs. Bushnell, acting assistant secretary of state for Inter-American Affairs Robert Neumann and Mrs. Neumann, Center for Strategic and International Studies of Georgetown Universitys Arthur Burt and Mrs. Burt, professor of Latin America and Caribbean Studies, Howard University Jaime Delgado and Mrs. Delgado, Washington, D.C. John C. Duncan and Mrs. Duncan, chairman, St. Joe Minerals and Chairman, Council of the Americas Peter B. Johnson, executive director, Caribbean/Central America Action David P. Reynolds, chairman, Reynolds Metals Company, Richmond, Va. Myer Rashish and Mrs. Rashish, under secretary of state-designate for economic affairs David Rockefeller and Mrs. Rockefeller, chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, N.Y. John Rollins and Mrs. Rollins, chairman, RLC Corp., Wilmington, Del. David Salvador and guest, Mrs. D. Beryl Lloyd, president, Friends of Jamaica Richard Stone and Mrs. Stone, former senator from Florida