Any inaugural chart is cast for the moment of taking the oath of office. Such a chart, in conjunction with the president's natal chart and the chart of the United States, provides a fairly accurate picture of the new administration and can outline the trends, difficulties, accomplishments and failures.

President Reagan took his oath of office at 11:56:45 a.m. EST. This inauguration chart sport several zodiacal degrees that are identical to the degrees found in Reagan's natal chart, which is quite usual. In fact, since every presidential inauguration occurs on Jan. 20, at noon, one can cast such a chart ahead of time and use it, as additional data, in predicting the election. After all, out of 360 degrees of the zodiac, only 24 (or less) can be present on any chart (12 cusps, 10 planets, 2 nodes) and thus, just like in Bingo, if none of the candidate's zodiacal degrees are reflected in the heavens the day of inauguration, he will be a loser.

But, the heavens are not as clear on every inauguration as they were this year. This year, while the chart cast for the election night sported some degrees identical to those of Reagan's and of Carter's, by Inauguration Day, Carter's degrees were wiped out completely, leaving Reagan a clear winner.

In Reagan's inauguration chart Saturn in the ruler and because of this planet's configurations (Regrograde, exalted in Libra, conjunction Jupiter, trine Sun, in mutual reception with Venus, and intercepted in 6th house) it indicates a highly idealistic and conservative administration, that will begin its term by revising, and reexamining the foundations, especially in the fields of labor, armed forces, bureaucracy and health.

This administration will be also reexamining and reevaluation the status of farmer, landowners, elderly people (Socail Security?), as well as the areas of law and justice.

I expect his reexamination and reevaluation of existing programs to last until the beginning of June, 1981. At that time Saturn will turn direct, and the administration will move forward, putting much of its blueprinting into action.

The multitude of Saturn aspects indicates that the administration will use various approaches and channels, putting great stress on powers of persuasion and public relations.

In the American political charts Saturn represents the Democratic party, while Jupiter represents Republicans. The current Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Libra (through this year) pressages cooperation between the two parties.

Those two planets also seem to have a strong influence on monetary cycles. Since Saturn rules depression and Jupiter inflation, this planetary conjunction indicates a difficult financial picture during this year, even though it might be less drastic than is generally expected. The situation seems to be improving at the end of this year. Astrological postscript: Barbara Waltes, in her interview with Morehead Kennedy on ABC-TV, asked him what sustained him during his captivity. He answered that it was his sense of humor and ability to see the incongruous. He said he wrote a book while in captivity, but the Iranians confiscated it at his departure.

I would like to quote from my column on "hostage" of April 27, 1980 (he was the anonymous hostage): ". . . this is a stubborn man with great inner strength and resourcefulness. He has a good sense of humor, and is very witty, even though his wittiness is tinged sometimes with a sense of sarcasm. He is capable of great objectivity and detachment . . .

". . . he is a man who has the resources to deal with any situation that arises. His sense of humor and ability to see the ironies of life will be very helpful to him during his captivity. His chart indicates his mind is totally engaged at the present time, very constructively, and I would not be surprised if he is either writing a book, or plans on writing one . .

". . Judging from the aspects on his chart, his present situation, while unpleasant, is not causing him any harm, and he will come out of it with something that his mind has created, his sense of humor untouched, and with personality intact . . ."