Don't worry, Chocolate-Lusters! The Ultimate Trip, as we used to say in the '60s, can be taken right here:

Begin early in the morning at THE CANDY PARLOUR (1361 Connecticut Avenue NW), where Maxine and Fred Lindmeir have a beautifully stocked ship of homemade chocolates from local artisans, as well as their own candy kitchens. It is a warm and cheery place, and Fred and Maxine will make a chocoholic feel at home, chatting about Manon chocolates from Belgium, imported boxed chocolates from Germany, Switzerland, and England and a new and rich version of chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream by Alpen Zauber. They will custom-make any sort of chocolate creation you can invent.

Stroll down the street to THE CONNECTICUT CONNECTION, which is the mall at the Farragut North Metro Stop, and wander toward the counter at CHEZ CHOCOLAT, a branch of the New York store. Stand in line at the fragrant counter to indulge in giant milk-chocolate kisses, chocolate-swathed nuts of all sorts, chocolate-covered pretzels (milk, white and bittersweet), cherry and rum cordials and craggy hunks of broken-up chocolate of all flavors. c

Then cross the street and indulge in a box of vanilla cremes at Russell STOVER'S Connecticut and L NW -- the same box you used to take to Grandma's for Thanksgiving. Some good things never change.

Wandering down the new K Street with its massive buildings, the chocolate freak will be astounded to discover that in the warrens of offices and stores there are secreted away little chocolate shops that have a following because of a divine specialty. Drop in at LA BONBONNIERE at 1919 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, where the specialite de la maison is cream truffles. Try the raspberry, the strawberry and the mocha, as well as the pure dark bittersweet. They are made in front of your very eyes, and can be eaten as they are whisked off the candy table.

After sating your truffle passion, push on to Royal DUTCH at 1990 K Street NW, where all sorts of imported as well as locally made filled chocolate candies await your discerning palate.

By now it must be afternoon at least, so bus up town and stop in at AVIGNON FRERES, 1717 Columbia Road NW, and have a little lunch, maybe a cup of hot chocolate, a bit of their homemade buttery chocolate ice cream, and a few of the meltingly delicious homemade candies with all sorts of wonderful cream fillings, in both milk and bittersweet chocolate.

At this point, a rest is in order. Go to the Zoo. Wander around the pandas.Peek into the snake house. If they hiss at you, hiss back. Muse on the monkeys.

Then make your way to KRON CHOCOLATIER at Mazza Gallerie on Wisconsin Avenue. Indulge in bittersweet chocolate drenched fresh fruits. Buy a chocolate card with a personalized message, bite into a chocolate leg. The chocolate truffles will melt in your mouth like angels' tears.

Then, as evening falls, catch the Metrobus to the Capital Centre to take in a Bullets game. Why? So you can end your chocolate day at the CAPITAL CLUB, where they have make-your-own-sundaes with Haagen-Dasz chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream. Pour on the hot fudge sauce, the cold chocolate sauce, the whipped cream. The end of a perfect day.