For more than three decades, the friendly and generous folks employed by the C&P Telephone Co. and AT&T have been avid supporters of Children's Hospital and its concern for needy children.

Last year's Ma Bell's crew yielded its traditional top-contributer crown to the U.S. Navy for the first time in 31 years. This year they have a good chance of recovering that crown.

The list of participating Bell offices is so long and complicated that we'll suspend our rule about listing the gifts in ascending value, and jump right into it. We'll also use Ma Bell's own abbreviations.

Under the Residence heading, Hdgtrs. Residence Marketing, $144; Anacostia Test Center, $113.10; NW Test Center, $1,102; Southern District, $285.

Under Business, the Business Executive Office, $30; Hdgtrs. Bus. & Res. Staff, $292; Bus. Service Center, $424; Bus. Marketing Product Mgt.; $117.50; Special Services, $487; Credit Office, $5; Midtown I&M, $141; Downtown I&M, $305; Bus. North I&M, $40; Data West, $50; Wash BSC-RSC Training Delivery, $1,020; NORVA Business, $15.

From Network Operations, Network Operations East, $613; Old Town Directory Assistance-NORVA, $10; Operator Service-Force Mgt. Ctr., $10; Interoffice Facilities District, $200.25; Directory Dept., Bethesda, $747.

SPC & Toll Switching was represented by Network Admin EE & ESS, $54; MDOC, $100.50, Columbia Rd. Comm. Ctr., $50. Network Design & Provisioning's OSP Construction Group, $256; Network Design & Provisioning, $263.75; Building & Construction, $71.35.

Under Public Affairs & Administration (PA&A), PA&A, $90; PA&A-Building District, $175; PA&A-Admin. Div., $47; Revenues Requirement & Public Affairs, $5; Auxiliary Functions District, $53; Public Relations, $55; ASD & Service Evaluator, $80; Centralized Budgets Force & Reports District, $50; Legal Dept., $25.

Under Data Processing, the Hdgts. at 1710 H St. sent $400; Comptrollers Data Processing, $33; Fairland Data Ctr. I & ii & W.E. Invoice Office, $974.23, Group Hdqtrs. Treasury, $198; Rates & Tariffs, $579; Hdqts, Network (Fernwood Rd.)m $403.49; Service Order Staff, $350; NORVA-Spec. Serv.-Pentagon, $155.

Miscellaneous categories included AT&T Long Lines Acctng., $175.25, and Govt. Comm., $353. Message Review, $20; NORVA Fairfax Eng., $250.05; FCD-Coml. Inq., $217.

According to my cordless calculator, the combined value of the above gifts is $11,634.47. There's still more!

C&P Telephone Co.'s Maryland office contributors were listed separately. Beginning with the executive offices, they were Material Management, $47; Staff, $106.50. Legal, Security, Forecasting sent $13.

Under Marketing, Business Marketing, $100; G.E.M. District, $12.75; Industrial Marketing, $77. Under Engineering & Provisioning, Network Engineering COE/WSA, $146; Ntwk. Eng. OSP West, $254; Eng. OSP East, $110; Construction OSP West, $330, Construction Osp East, $152.

Network Operation's Switching West sent $313.25. Under Business-Wsam, I&M Mont. Co., $517; I&M P.B. Co., $132; Spec. Serv. $65.

Under Residence-WSAM, I&M Mont. Co., $332.05; Bus. Off. P.G. Co., $95.23; Bus. Off. Mont. Co., $62; I&M P.G. Co. (Central Ave.), $50.

The Maryland area total comes to $3,050.28. With the $11,634.47 already listed, our total comes to $14,684.75. Also, a late letter from "The Black Room," Govt. Commun. AT&T Long Lines brought $50, and $30 came from Ma Bell's retirees. Total value of the deal is a whopping $14,764.75!

Then we last checked in with the shoebox, our total was $166,997.45. With today's mass infusion from Ma Bell, our year-to-date total climbs to $181,762.20. A tip of the hat and three cheers is due to all of Ma Bell's children. They've come through again for Our Town's Children's Hospital.

Tomorrow I will chronicle the life-saving voyage of the U.S. Navy for the needy children of our area. They are our other traditional top annual contributor. Then, next Saturday, Feb. 14, I will list the grand total for our entire 1980-81 charity campaign for the free-care fund at Children's.

The last gurgles in our mail pipeline have been very gratifying. We won't break any records this year, but we should top $200,000.