Q: I have a cyclamen, with lots of blooms on it; I saw it and couldn't resist buying it. Can you tell me how to take care of it? A: A night temperature of about 60 degrees F., or a little higher, with days around 68 degrees or 70 degrees will keep the plant in good condition for at least a month without much leaf yellowing or bud loss. Give it good light and don't let it wilt for lack of soil moisture. Q: How can I retain a glossy appearance on the leaves of my rubber plant? A: By wiping the leaves with a cloth moistened with milk. Q: How soon do I need to remove the snow from my azaleas and other shrubs.? A: It's best to do it as soon as possible after it stops snowing. Snow can turn to ice, which acts as a magnifying glass causing leaf-scorch by the sun. Remove snow and ice by gently lifting branches and brushing off the accumulation with a broom or large brush. Q: Where can I purchase seed of Better Boy Tomato plants? Last year I could not find them anywhere. A: They're listed in catalogues of Burpee Seeds, Warminster, Pennsylvania 18991; Park Seeds, P. O. Box 31, Greenwood, South Carolina 29647; Harris Seeds, Moreton Farm, Rochester, New York 14624; and others. Write and ask for a free catalogue. Q: Is it necessary or desirable to have the soil on my vegetable garden tested every year? A: Once every two to four years is usually adequate. Q: Can catnip be grown in the house for cats to play in? A: Catnip is usually started from seed planted outdoors in early spring.