Many different games can be played on a dart board, but perhaps the most popular is called 301. Everyone starts with 301 points, and the players subtract points as they go; the winner is the first to reduce his or her score to exactly zero.

The board is hung so that the center of the bulls-eye is 5' 6" from the floor; the throwing distance is 7' 9 1/4" from the face of the board.

To determine who begins, each player throws one dart at the bull's-eye and the closest begins first. Each player has a turn consisting of three darts.

Before any score is counted, the player must begin by hitting a double -- any dart between the two wires on the outer rim of the board denoting the doubles area. (The inner ring is the triples area.) Once a double is thrown, that dart and all following darts will count in the score.

The winner must reduce his score to exactly zero, with the last dart being a double. For example, if the player has 32 left to reach zero, he must hit double 16. If 16 is scored, he must then hit double 8 and so on.

If the player scores more than the exact score needed, the whole turn of three darts does not count, and the player's score remains as it was before that turn was taken. For example, if 16 is required and the player scores 17, his score remains at 16. Likewise, since the final score must be a double, if single 16 is hit the turn does not count and the score remains at 16. If 15 is hit, the turn does not count since you cannot double out on a single 1.