The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction that "presides" over President Reagan's inauguration chart occurs every 20 years, and it seems to play a role in the Zero Factor year. Generally, this conjunction concurs with the reversal of trends in a country and, in the U.S.A., it coincides with the elections of presidents who died while still in office (either from natural causes, or by violence).

This year, however, because of an abernation, the conjunction takes place in an air sign -- Libra -- rather than an earth sign -- Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo. Therefore, I do expect the president to survive his term of office.

Its strong position on the inaugural chart indicates that the new administration will focus its attention on the law, and will try to reverse the restrictions on law enforcement. Saturn in Libra is ultimately fair but its justice is not affected by mercy, and even though its conjunction with Jupiter may impart some of that energy, it will not be very much.

There are three eclipses during this year. One of them already occurred (Feb. 4), falling on the 16th degree of Aquarius. This is the degree of Reagan's sun and of Mars on the inauguration chart, and by affecting both Mars (planet of war) and the Sun together, it emphasizes the militaristic trend of this administration.

If the chart of our president would have been badly afflicted, this eclipse would look very ominous -- and very warlike, especially since it also affects, and not very propitiously, the charts of several foreign leaders. But Reagan's chart is good and lucky, and thus, the eclipse activated positive energies on his chart -- which means an aggressive and untiring administration.

This aggressive drive will be directed at foreign policy, at the revision of pacts and treaties and at the pursuit of military strength, but because of Reagan's chart, it represents military for defense, not for offense.

It will be also directed at domestic programs and policies, and while there are indications of strong opposition, this Sun-Mars combination (especially in the 10th house of U.S.A. chart -- a place of power) emerges victorious.

This eclipse as well as subsequent ones fall on the charts of Margaret Thatcher, Brezhnev, Khomeini, and Stanislaw Kania. Kania's chart will be under considerable stress around March 17; there is a danger of military activity of reprisals, of a situation that is apt to bring an international crisis. The U.S.A. chart is similarly afflicted, and thus reflective of the situation. The charts of Israel, Iraq, of Sadat, and of both the French and German heads of state also are under the effects of eclipses.

Those eclipses indicate changes, and they are of a negative nature. There could be the sudden death of one (or more) of the world leaders. President Sadat should be especially watchful. All of this indicates to me that this year will be very volatile on the international scene, with many moments of grave danger of war.

And yet, because of Reagan's guards on the U.S.A. chart, the cusp of the seventh house of our enemies, I would venture to say that we might be very close to real crisis, and yet we will come out of it unscathed.

In fact, the most fascinating thing that ties all the charts (cast for the U.S.A. for this year) is the presence of some mitigating planet or aspect that resolves the crisis, no matter how bad is the affliction. This occurs on both foreign and domestic fronts, and thus, while I respect Reagan to have some strong opposition from time to time, he will be able to diffuse it, and in such a nice way that the opposition will wind up supporting him.

What remains ominous is the presence of planets indicating natural disasters, with strong possibilities of bad earthquakes, explosions, floods, and the more frequent incidence of violent fires.

There is indication of a totally disturbed pattern of weather, not only in the U.S.A. but around the world.

All in all, it promises to be a breathtaking year, with all of us holding fast to our seats while riding up and down in our storm-tossed ship of state. And an astrologer can be thankful that he can see that the captain of this ship has not only a steady hand, but a good, unafflicted, very lucky and protected chart -- and let's all hope that astrology works!