With the opening of trade with China, a lot of new, excellent wicker is appearing at prices that, naraculously, have not escalated in the last half-dozen years.

The folding bamboo chairs that vendors have always sold along the roads in China have finally made it to the United States. Other typical Chinese products are readily available here to spice up any room.

In a master bedroom I designed, a small, dismal room and two windows with a view of a wall. The room was long and narrow, and the best place for the bed was on the wall between the windows.

I built out the wall behind the bed, by furring out sides, top and bottom, the width of the bed, and then covering the furring strips with drywall. On almost the full width of the projecting new wall, I carved out a "night table," actually just a shelf to hold books, an alarm clock and other necessities, since there was no room for a real table on either side of the bed.

Here's where bamboo and wicker came in handy. A pair of bamboo screens, with a simple diagonal pattern that makes a herringbone effect, became the "curtain" at the windows. I just used one pair, on the bedside of each window, to shield the bed from the glass, while allowing light and air to penetrate.

The actual window area is covered with a room-darkening white window shade that can be pulled for heat conservation and privacy.

I used matching white cotton for the contoured bed cover and to upholster the box spring. At the foot of the bed, we placed a storage chest of gnarled wood.

A simple contemporary table makes a focus for a pair of wicker arm chairs, the perfect spot for morning coffee. Sculpture, lighting and plants add sophisticated accents to a room already dominated with a flavor of the Orient. s