Treasury Secretary Donald T. Regan was born on Dec. 21, 1918, and has his Sun in Sagittarius. His Mercury is also in Sagittarius and both planets are beautifully configurated with Saturn, Uranus, and his Leo Moon. Those planets endow him with an excellent mind that is sober and cautious and yet very inventive and intuitive. And so the president has again chosen another man with a fine mind.

Donald Regan's chart indicates he had to work hard for everything that he attained, and yet, he did not mind, for he firmly believes that one should earn one's way in life. He values achievement through effort over sheer luck. His ever-prodding Saturnian desire for excellence has been paying off, while Jupiter gives him optimism and the belief that behind every cloud there is a silver lining.

His chart indicates another strong plus -- his intuitiveness and an excellent perception of human nature, combined with a certain warmth in dealing with people, helps him tremendously in putting his projects into action.

What I like about this chart is that it is venturesome but not driven. He is ambitious but this ambition is held in check. There is enough maturity and ego strength so that he can probably laugh at himself and at his own folly. He is a hard worker and yet there is an "easygoingness" on his chart that would make him a nice person to work for, providing that one would never do a slipshod job. This is something that he cannot stand.

Donald Regan is part of President Reagan's "economic package" and I suggest he should be listened to because Donald Regan has planets in Earth and thus understands the meaning of practicality. His Venus and Jupiter (even though they do not do that much for him personally) do fall exactly on the Sun and Jupiter in the U.S.A. chart (in our second house of money and resources) and thus he is bound to bring "goodies," and benefit our economy.

His chart and OMB Director David Stockman's are astrologically linked, and on the surface the two men may appear to get along, but underneath are two different personalities. Donald Regan shows much more staying power because he is calmer, more intuitive, can have better relationships with people, and is willing to take his time to get where he wants to go. It is a race between the turtle and the hare.

At the present Regan's chart shows both considerable enjoyment in the work he is doing, and an incredible amount of work. There are two periods of stress (primarily mental) from now until the middle of June, and then again from September through the middle of November. Things will be hectic then, with many sudden changes that demand immediate readjustments. And yet he will take to that stress -- work stress -- like a duck to water, for he enjoys stress, it makes him think better and work better.

This is the chart of a very intelligent and mature man, a nice man. Ronald Reagan would do well to listen to Regan, and trust any advice this man gives, because any advice will be well thought through from all angles. This man is not a gambler, and if he ever gambles, he will know the odds, and thus it will be a coldly calculated gambling.

1981 will be a year that Donald Regan will enjoy despite an incredible load of hard and taxing work.