Last Tuesday, the British royal family announced the engagement of their son Charles, born on Nov. 14, 1948, to Lady Diana Spencer, born on July 11, 1961. Prince Charles has his Sun in Scorpio and Lady Diana has her in Cancer. The lore of popular astrology propagated the notion that if the sun signs are compatible, (especially if they are in the same element), the people will be compatible. Nothing could be more erroneous.

For example, Scorpio, a fixed water sign, shies away from both Cancer (cardiner water) and Pisces (mutable water) and is attracted to other fixed signs, perferably Leo or Taurus. And thus, it was Lady Diana's Uranus in Leo, in exact configuration with Prince Charles' Sun, that sparked the attraction, while her Sun in Cancer, strongly configurated with his Venus in Libra, provided the "in love" bit.

Those two people are quite compabitle but for completely different reasons than their Suns being in water signs. The similar configurations of their respective Mercuries indicate that their thought processes run along similar lines, that they are intelligent and practical, quite intuitive and have good perceptions of people. This last quality will serve them well if and when Prince Charles assumes the crown.

Prince Charles' chart indicates that despite his certain lighthearted dash and flash, he is really a serious man with a strong sense of duty and responsibility. That sense of duty is strongly echoed in the chart of his bride-to-be. The couple's value system and perception of the world is similar, while their sense of duty converges, adding to their compatibility.

Lady Diana's several Cancer plants would make her a god wife and mother, a woman who loves home, and who loves and upholds tradition. On the other hand, her Venus in Gemini will help her dispel some of her innate Cancerian seriousness and moodiness.

Their two chartes are karmically linked, tying them with the heavy hand of destiny. It seems, that Prince Charles either met Lady Diana, or made up his mind about marrying her about three years ago. It was then that this karmic link was activated for the first time.

This link, however, spells a warming in these two basically congenial and well-matched charts, since it is tied to the emotional welfare of the bride-to-be. Lady Diana has an aspect on her chart that is indicative of certain emotional hurts that she might have suffered in her childhood. The experience would have been especially painful to her because of the strong Cancerian emphasis on her chart. Cancer, more than any other sign, is especially sensitive to withdrawal of emotional security and the unraveling of emotional ties.

This particular aspect is reactivated by aspects on Prince Charles' chart, and he will need to be more affectionate with her than his Sun in Scorpio likes to be. And, while it is true British are famous for their "stiff upper lip" and undemonstrativeness, Lady Diand, with her Sun and Moon in Cancer, requires considerable affection and tenderness. Since Scorpio's nature shies away from sentimentality, Prince Charles will have to call on his Venus in Libra to provide him with the gentle romanticism that Scorpio abhores.

It is not that Scorpio is unemotional, in fact, the opposite is true. But Scorpio and Cancer express their emotions in totally different ways, ways that are not quite compatible.

My predictions:

I understand there used to be a Court astrologer to the British trone. It is quite obvious to me they must not have him anymore, because any Court astrologer would have suggested the engagement announcement be made next week, after Mercury turns direct. Any plans announced under current retrograde Mercury bring the danger of postponement due to circumstances beyond one's control. Since the wedding date was announced simultaneously (for the last week in July) this became also subject to change.

In fact, no court astrologer would have ever advised them to be married in July, since Prince Charles and Lady Diana have strong Uranus transits on their charts. It would be better to postpone this marriage until November, when the transit is finally over. In addition, the last week in July is sandwiched between two eclipses, and those are not good auspices under which to enter any permanent relationship, be it marriage or business.

So let's hope that Retrograde Mercury will do its bit, and force the alteration in their wedding date, which will be only to the good.