Cost of the phone is not included in calculations. The year you buy the phone, of course you won't save money, but it doesn't take many years for a phone to pay for itself.

A sampling of local prices:

Standard rotary dial, $17 to $34.95.

Standard push-button phone, $39.50 to $59.95.

Small push-button phone, $49.90 to $69.95.

Slim push button phone, $49.95 to $79.95.

(Generally, push-button can add up to $20 to the cost of the phone.)

Quality of phones varies, but a well-built unit can be exepected to last 15 years.

Assuming you pay top price, over 15 years you could save from $100 to $500 for each unit you buy. (TABLE) (COLUMN)District(COLUMN)Maryland(COLUMN)Virginia Standard rotary dial(COLUMN)$9.00(COLUMN)$12.00(COLUMN)$11.00 Standard push-button(COLUMN)$16.80(COLUMN)$21.00(COLUMN)$21.00 Small rotary(COLUMN)$17.40(COLUMN)$25.80(COLUMN)$27.00 Small push-button(COLUMN)$25.20(COLUMN)$31.80(COLUMN)$35.40 Slim rotary(COLUMN)$28.00(COLUMN)$33.00(COLUMN)$34.80 Slim push-button(COLUMN)$40.80(COLUMN)$40.80(COLUMN)$44.40(END TABLE)