Rita Jenrette, of "baring all" Playboy fame, was born on Dec. 25, 1949, and has her sun in Capricorn. John Jenrette, her supposedly ex-husband, and definitely an ex-congressman of "bare all" Abscam fame, was born on May 19, 1936, and has his sun in Taurus.

In a recent interview Rita said that it was really her husband who had arranged her "exposure," after having been himself exposed on nationwide television. She obliged, so that she could make money for his legal defense. After the sessions with the Playboy photographer, however, she "discovered" herself and plans now to live in New York -- a "budding" actress, singer and a writer all wrapped up (for a change) in one.

Since Rita evidently revels in revealing intimate odds and ends about herself and other people, it is interesting to see what kind of intimate details Rita and John's charts reveal.

A strong and afflicted Capricorn drive in Rita's chart indicates that she is a very ambitious person, who would love to be on top, and yet would much perfer to arrive there through her husband's effort rather than her own. And when she says she has always trusted her husband, but not anymore, I believe her, since it correlates well with her chart where the high road on John's coattail is totally blocked and leads nowhere.

But even if she depends only on herself, it does not seem that she will be able to go as high as she aspires, because her (as well as her husband's) chart carries configurations that signal self-undoing. Those aspects prod people to outreach themselves by creating the illusions that they have ability to "outsmart and outmaneuver" others, and when they attempt to do that, they themselves are outsmarted and outmaneuvered.

In the past several months those aspects of self-illusions about one's power have been strongly activated and combined with the desire for a "big splash" in both charts, leading to many wrong moves. Since Rita's Mercury endows her with practicality, shrewdness and good timing she is trying now to "catch all the salmon while they run." Reality, however, is about to set in. There might be a brief revival of some publicity next year, and then both charts die down. Since her chart indicates more musical or artistic appreciation than ability (which is often simply converted into love for luxury), I believe her pursuit of the arts will be a frustrating quest, without much remuneration.

Her best asset is a cold, sharp, calculating and well-disciplined brain and she could earn money by employing her organizational ability and perception of finances. But she must be on a constant alert not to deceive herself about her capabilities and self image, which her desire for glamour paints in different colors.

Her husband's chart is very similar, both having almost identical afflictions and propensities. His chart indicates it was his desire to "score big" and to "outsmart" that brought down his career. His Mercurial configuration (worse than Rita's) almost always indicates a person who wants to be admired and praised for intelligence and startling ideas. But this compulsion to discover startling ideas often means the ideas are often not well thought out.

What fascinates me, however, is not so much the similarity of their natal charts, but rather an exact overlapping of their current aspects. His over-optimistic Mercury continuously aiding and abetting Rita's "big splash" aspect; his Jupiter hugging her Jupiter, makes John seems to prosper directly from her current earnings. Both charts from a well-organized duet. And this makes me believe that those two people prearranged everything. I also believe they decided together it was cushier for Rita to recline on the pages of Playboy than on the Capitol steps. In fact, I see two people with similar drives, desires, goals, and common interests. And despite Rita's utterances, their charts do not indicate any real separation, even if they do divorce. (For publicity's sake?)