Some of the movement therapists in the Washington area:

Riki Alexander -- uses the Alexander Technique with performing artists, pregnant women and "anyone who wants to improve their movement efficiency." $30 for a 45-minute session, which may be shared by two or three people, at her Northwest Washington studio. 723-3247. s

Glenna Batson -- practices ideokinesis from her studio in Southeast Washington, $25 per hour session. Call 454-4056 or 544-3311.

Carol Boggs -- formerly on the dance faculty at American University, uses the Alexander Technique to help people "re-train postural and movement habits so they don't have pain." $25 per session, which lasts about 45 minutes, at her studio in North Bethesda. 770-3031.

Andrew Gaines -- practices the Feldenkrais Technique in Takoma Park, mostly with people experiencing pain, from athletes to the sedentary to those with cerebral palsy. Individual work, $45 for an hour session. 588-7493.

Charlotte Jackson -- certified in the Alexander Technique, which works on "honing the kinesthetic sense" through "neuro-muscular reeducation." Individual sessions at her Northwest Washington studio, $25 for about an hour. 363-2792.

Allison Rapp and Roger Miller -- use the Feldenkrais Technique, created by an Israeli physicist whose students include Yehudi Menuhin and Moshe Dayan. This husband-wife team conducts group classes in Northwest Washington for people with back, neck and shoulder pain at $6 per class, purchased in a series of 10, or in day-long Saturday workshops for $30. Individual work for professional athletes or laypeople, $30 for 45 minutes. 829-3399.

Arlene Ross -- practices the Alexander Technique of "movement re-education" in Ellicott City. One-hour sessions, $20. Call (301) 988-9776.