"Mr. Flick of the 'Support President Reagan or Else' committee wishes to see you, Mr. Ellis."

"Send him in."

"Ellis, the name's Flick, and a few of the boys in the back kitchen have gotten together to put up a little fund for Ronnie to see that he gets his economic program through. We thought since you're the president of Dynamite Aerospace you might put a couple of bucks in the pot."

"What did you say the fund was for?"

"To advertise Ronnie's program to the American people. Congress is starting to give Ronnie a hard time on some of his proposals, so we thought we ought to use a little hard sell with the public."

"How much are you hoping to raise?"

"One or two million dollars. We figure every businessman has a stake in Ronnie's program, particularly those in the defense industry, and they wouldn't want to let Ronnie down."

"Does the president know about the fund?"

"Of course not. He couldn't be a part of anything like this. But there is nothing to stop concerned citizens like you and I from publicizing what he's trying to do."

"I'd be happy to give you $10,000."

"We had you down for $100,000. Of course, you know better than we do how much Dynamite can afford. I didn't know the company was doing so poorly."

"We're not doing poorly. As a matter of fact, we're hoping to get a $500 million contract for our new air-to-air missile."

"Yes, we know about that. Apparently Cheshire Robots is bidding for the same contract. They gave us $100,000 for our fund and didn't ask any questions."

"I'm not asking any questions! I was just curious how you people have managed to keep this a secret from the president."

"It hasn't been easy. We see him all the time, and we have to be very careful we don't spill the beans, because he'd get very mad if he heard we were soliciting funds from businessmen doing work with the government. But once we put Ronnie in the White House, we made a vow he'd get all the support we could give him. We expect the business community to do more than pay lip service to Ronnie's programs."

"Mr. Flick, I'm writing the check as fast as I can."

"Take your time. There's no rush. I'm on my way to see the Queeg Boat Company. They hoping to get a big submarine contract from the Navy."

"I'm sure they'll come across."

"I wish you wouldn't put it that way, Mr. Ellis. This is purely a volunteer fund drive. If someone wants to give, fine. If he doesn't, we can always find another boat company to build our submarines."

"Mr. Flick, would you get angry if I gave you $150,000 instead of $100,000?"

"I don't think so. But I want it clearly understood that whatever you donate will hve no effect on whether you get the $500 million contract for your superb air-to-air missile."

"I understand that. This check is only to show my faith in the Reagan administration."

"You're a great American, Mr. Ellis. I wish their were a hundred more like you."

"Aren't there?"

"Yes, but we haven't hit them all up yet."

"Here's your check, Mr. Flick. I have only one request. Please don't tell the president I mae this generous contribution to support him, because I want our missile to stand or fall on its merits."

"I assure you my lips are sealed. And my request to you is that the president never finds out what we've been doing. He considers himself a great communicator, and he would never understand what we had to raise a war chest to sell his program."