"I'm tired of being thought of as an intellectual giant.I want to be looked at and fondled by beautiful women," proclaimed Doug (last name not given). A classy guy to be sure. So much so that he calls his group The Slugs.

Last night at the Psyche Delly, Doug and The Slugs, a Vancouver, B.C.-based band, romped through a series of songs parodying classic rock 'n' roll. Shrill guitar solos, pulsing keyboards and machine-gun rhythms (along with Doug's pithy introductions) combined to produce a show that was hilarious and electrifying.

Dressed in a tawdry suit, bow tie and greased-back hair, Doug looked like the traveling salesman in a Farmer's Daughter joke. His vocals were similarly slick. They ranged from a raspy version of James Brown's "I Feel Good" to a smooth Roy Orbison takeoff, "Pretty Man." Each was brought off with a kind of pimply panache.

The Slugs provided a strong accompaniment throughout, taking rock cliches and putting them through a musical meat grinder. Their second was like '50s rock as interpreted by a perverse, '80s sensibility.

Doug has chosen an odd name for his very odd group. True, they were slightly gross at times and exuded a kind of slimy charm. But they were never, er, sluggish.