"Egypt Today," a variety of exhibitions and events focused on the culture of Egypt, opens today in Washington with shows at six Smithsonian museums, the Phillips Collection, the Textile Museum, the National Academy of Sciences and other local cultural centers.

Jihan Sadat, wife of Egyptian President Anwar Saday, will make a keynote address at an opening ceremony -- by invitation only -- this evening at the auditorium of the National Academy of Sciences.

"Egypt Today" is sponsored by the Smithsonian's Resident Associate Program, the Middle East Institute and Meridian House International.

If is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts (which contributed $50,000), the National Endowment for the Humanities (which contributed $115,000), the International Communication Agency (just under $100,000 of grants in kind), a variety of corporations including Amoco International Oil Co. (which contributed the top corporate amount of $100,000) and the Egyptian government.

When the events of "Egypt Today" were announced a month ago at the Egyptian Embassy, Egyptian Ambassador Ashraf Ghorbal said of his country's involvement in the program, "We have taken care of a lot of expenses, bringing artifacts here, bringing people here. I'm not going to reduce it to figures. We are grateful to the U.S. and we are happy to contribute as much as possible."

Exhibitions include:

March 16-April 26, in the Commons Lounge of the Smithsonian Institution's Castle building: "Arts of Ancient Egypt: Treasurers on Another Scale," an exhibit of stone sculptures, bronzes, a serpentine sphinx and other objects from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

March 16-April 26, at the Hirshhorn: exhibition of sculpture by Mahmoud Moukhtar (1891-1934).

March 16-April 26, at the Renwick Gallery: "Egypt Today: Embroidered Pictures from Akhmim" -- 24 contemporary embroidered works by young craftsmen from Akhmim in Upper Egypt.

March 16-April 30, Museum of African Art: "Traditional Costume and Jewelry of Egypt."

Several other events also are scheduled.

Films include:

March 18: "Evening of Egyptian Documentaries" at the Middle East Institute, 7:30 p.m.

March 23: "Alexandria . . . Why?" at the American Film Institute Theater (Kennedy Center), 6:30 p.m.

March 25-April 29, on Wednesdays, a variety of films at the Carmichael Auditorium of the National Museum of American History.

In addition, there will be a radio show on March 18 on WGMS-FM (103.5) at 8:05., "World of Music: Egypt." There will also be lectures, seminars, adult courses and workshops, programs for young people and, on March 31, a dialogue between Egyptian and American students.