In my Feb. 8, 1981, column I wrote: "This eclipse as well as subsequent ones, falls on the charts . . . of Stanislaw Kania. Kania's chart will be under considerable stress around March 17. There is a danger of military activity, of reprisals, of a situtation that is apt to bring an international crisis."

Unfortunately I was correct. The current situation in Poland is quite critical, and the outcome of the negotiations still in doubt. Since Lech Walesa, the head of the "Solidarity" labor movement is engaged in those negotiations, it might be worthwhile to examine his chart, and compare it to the charts of Communist Party chief Stanislaw Kania and of Prime Minister and Defense Minister General Wojciech Jaruzelski.

Lech Walesa was born on Oct. 29, 1943, and has his Sun in Scorpio. His Leo planets, strongly configurated with his Sun and Moon, emphasize further the Scorpionic nature of this man, e.g. the capacity for total unyielding entrenchment and a willingness to die for the principles he believes in.

At the same time, there is also a flexibility and willingness to talk, provided by his Mercury in Libra beautifully configurated with his Gemini planets. He is sharp, quick and gets to the core of the problem. Such a configuration as his, however, does not endow one with an unending patience in negotiating any problems, but would lose that patience very quickly talking about frills.

Walesa's chart is very closely tied to Stanislaw Kania's chart, which is natural, considering that they are the "power movers" in Poland. It is fascinating however, how clearly their astrological links betray the role they are playing in each other's lives.

The way Walesa's chart falls on Kania's shows that Walesa is totally dependent on him, while at the same time all the force of his chart tries to assert its independence. Walesa's planets affect the roots of Kania's existence, supporting him with some aspects and destroying him with others. One could say that Walesa could be to Kania either in "Angel of Mercy" or an "Angel of Death."

And yet, because of the few benevolent connections, the two men can communicate with one another. In fact, some of the feelings and desires are shared and well understood by both of them.

A slightly different story emerges when we compare Walesa's chart to the one of General Jaruzelski. In this case, Walesa is in a stronger position, almost in the driver's seat. And yet, even though Walesa is in a stronger position, the communication between those two men will be more difficult. Emotionally, they understand each other better than verbally.

When I compare the charts of the three men, they do not provide a harmonious picture. Despite the aspects that provide for communication and understanding, despite their few benevolent connections, they get into "each others hair." There is an irritability built-in -- and as they try the rapprochment, they automatically cause the aggravation. Those three people could not live under one roof.

As I look at their charts, with their present heavy afflictions, I do not see the current unrest ceasing, maybe just temporarily abating. General Jaruzelski's chart is currently the most vulnerable to sudden changes -- he could resign within the next few months, or take some other drastic step. If Kania remains in power, 1982 and 1983 become very difficult years -- and his actions or reactions at that time will involve the United States in some direct fashion, and not a pleasant one.

If the current crisis abates (and I think it will) Kania has a very difficult time coming again, during this summer.

P.S. Nancy Reagan claims that she was born on July 6, 1923. If this is so, then General Jaruzelski becomes her astrological twin, because he was also born on that exact date.