BEST PICTURE -- "Ordinary People," a Wildwood Enterprises production, released by Paramount; Ronald L. Schwary, producer. BEST DIRECTOR -- Robert Redford, "Ordinary People." BEST ACTRESS -- Sissy Spacek, "Coal Miner's Daughter." BEST ACTOR -- Robert De Niro, "Raging Bull." BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR -- Timothy Hutton, "Ordinary People." BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS -- Mary Steenburgen, "Melvin and Howard." BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY -- Bo Goldman, "Melvin and Howard." BEST SCREENPLAY ADAPTATION -- Alvin Sargent, "Ordinary People." BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY -- "Tess," Geoffrey Unsworth and Ghislain Cloquet. BEST FILM EDITING -- "Raging Bull," Thelma Schoonmaker. BEST ART DIRECTION -- "Tess," Pierre Guffroy and Jack Stevens. BEST SONG -- "Fame," from the film of the same title; music by Michael Gore and lyrics by Dean Pitchford. BEST ORIGINAL SCORE -- "Fame," Michael Gore. BEST SOUND -- "The Empire Strikes Back," Bill Varney, Steve Maslow, Gregg Landaker and Peter Sutton. BEST COSTUME DESIGN -- "Tess," Anthony Powell. BEST FOREIGN-LANGUAGE FILM -- "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears," a Mosfilm Studios production; U.S.S.R. BEST LIVE-ACTION SHORT -- "The Dollar Bottom," produced by Lloyd Phillips. BEST ANIMATED SHORT -- "The Fly," produced by Ferenc Rofusz. BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT SUBJECT -- "Karl Hess: Toward Liberty," produced by Peter W. Ladue and Roland Halle. BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE -- "From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China," produced by Murray Lerner. HONORARY AND SPECIAL AWARDS -- Henry Fonda in "recognition of his brilliant accomplishments and enduring contribution to the art of motion pictures." "The Empire Strikes Back," for special achievement in Visual Effects. SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL AWARDS -- Award of Merit (Statuette) to: Linwood G. Dunn, Cecil Love and Acme Tool and Manufacturing Co. for the concept, engineering and development of the Acme-Dunn optical printer. Scientific and Engineering Awards (Plaque) to: Jean-Marie Lavalou, Alain Masseron and David Samuelson of Samuelson Film Service, Ltd. for engineering and development of the Louma camera crane and remote control system. Edward B. Krause of Filmline Corp. for engineering and manufacture of the micro-demand drive for continuous film processors. Ross Taylor for concept and development of an air gun system for propelling objects in special effects sequences. Dr. Bernhard Kuhl and Werner Block of OSRAM, GmbH, for the progressive engineering and manufacture of OSRAM HMI light source for color photography. David A. Grafton for otpical design and engineering of a telecentric anamorphic lens for optical effects printers. Technical Achievement Awards (Certificate) to: Carter Equipment Company, Hollywood Film Company and Andre DeBrie for development of continuous contact, total emersion, additive color printers. Charles Vaughn and Eugene Nottingham of Cinetron Computer Systems, Inc. for development of a versatile general purpose computer system for animation and optical effects photography. J. W. Lang, W. Hrastnik and C. Watson of Bell and Howell Co. for development and manufacture of a modular continuous contact film printer. Worth Baird of LaVezzi Machine Works, Inc. for advanced design and manufacture of a new film sprocket. Peter A. Regla and Dan Slater of Elicon Co. for development of a follow focus system for optical effects printers and animation stands.