Last Monday at 2:26 p.m., gunfire wounded the president of the United States. It also felled his press secretary, James Brady, a Secret Service agent and a D.C. policeman. As I watched the almost continuous replay of that moment on television, I was at first incredulous, then shocked, horrified, enraged and finally anxiously awaiting with tears and prayers the hospital reports.

And yet, as an astrologer, I breathed a sigh of relief, for the "other shoe had fallen." The ominous aspect that was dogging the charts of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, accentuating the link between the president and the vice president, the ominous aspect that appeared on the charts of the Inauguration and of the eclipse of Feb. 4 (that fell on Reagan's Sun) had materialized -- once such an aspect materializes, it usually does not reoccur. And if astrology worked, President Reagan was going to be okay.

I mentioned the ominous aspect in several of my columns, even though I hoped against hope that the president's Jupiter would not only pull him out of danger, but spare him from it. In my column of Oct. 19, 1980, about "zero factor" election year, when so many U.S. presidents elected in decade-turning years have died in office, I wrote: "In 1980 the emphasis switches from the 8th house of death to the 5th house that governs the electoral process and the Senate . . . indicating either an unusual election, or stark changes in the House . . . reversing the trend from liberalism to conservatism."

I repeated this in my Feb. 8, 1981, column and said: " . . . Because of this aberration I do expect the president to survive his term of office." I added, " . . . if the chart of our president would have been badly afflicted this eclipse [of Feb. 4] would look very ominous (such eclipse presages death to the head of the State), but since Reagan's chart is good and lucky, this eclipse activates also his positive energies . . . because Reagan's chart guards the U.S.A. chart . . . I would venture to say that we might be very close to real crisis, and yet we will come out of it unscathed."

The chart cast for the moment of the assassination attempt sports 15 degrees of Scorpio-Taurus -- the fatalistic and lucky degrees on Ronnie's chart. Those were the degrees on the Inauguration and on election night charts. Those two degrees are accentuated (or course) on the alleged assassin's chart, who has his Venus on 13 degrees of Taurus (conjunction Reagan's Moon) while his Saturn is on 14 degree of Scorpio (conjunction Reagan's Jupiter).

John Hinckley was born on May 29, 1955, and has his sun in Gemini. It has been reported that he attempted to kill the president to prove his love for a teenage movie actress. The current aspects on his chart indicate that he is very much in love at the present, but those aspects, combined with other configurations only reactivated and thus augmented the pain, emotional conflict, rage and frustration on his natal chart. It was as if he was replaying on substitutes his old and unsolved problem.

It is a sad chart that indicates a great deal of emotional deprivation that is caught in the conflict and crisis of identification between father and mother figures.

I do not see on this chart violence or even that much hatred. What the chart indicates is a weak and badly supported ego (Sun in Gemini without aspects); a good mind givento flights of imagination and daydreaming; a great desire to be dramatic and important, and yet no real physical energy (unaspected Mars in Cancer) to sustain the drive to pursue anything.

There is an inability to accept any discipline, for discipline is represented here by the father figure, and the chart indicates a great deal of pain, rage and rejection in that area. This inability to discipline himself, a weak self-image and a lack of pure physical strength augments the sense of helplessness, the craving for affection.

There is much more mental than physical energy -- and his time for executing ideas is almost always wrong. I believe that with therapy, good support for his ego, a strengthening, physical regimen and great deal of acceptance and kindness, he could become one day an intelligently functioning human being. Once he emerges from his "dreamland," I believe, he will be sorry for what he did.

Astrological postscript:

I was very concerned with James Brady's chart when I wrote the column on him on Jan. 18, 1981. Despite his lucky Jupiter, he had an aspect that was very reminiscent of the one that George Wallace had when he was shot. I tried to obtain his hour of birth, but to no avail, and thus I had to be general and incorporate this aspect into his career. I said: " . . . Strangely enough, this reward [press secretary] brings many readjustments and frustrations. The next 2 1/2 years will be very important and yet very difficult. From Feb. 20 to March 20 he will be in 'the thick of things,' the time from June through September will be incredibly demanding of his energies."

But because of his benefic aspects, I remain optimistic about him.