From Harper's Bazaar and Lane Bryant on how to make the most of what you've got:

1. Sleeveless tops should be banned -- always cover your upper arm. You'll never see a TV anchorwoman without at least a cap sleeve because it's just not too attractive.

2. When you shop, go alone. You can't trust friends to tell you what they -- and not you -- like. Also don't wear tennis shoes to try on evening dresses; you won't get the right proportion in the mirror and may make a bad choice.

3. Don't buy something simply because the tag says it's your size. Try one size larger before you buy. Looser garments on a big frame are usually more flattering.

4. Medium length hair is usually better for large-sized women. Also, hair worn severely back is difficult, regardless of size, and usually is left to those with perfect facial features.

5. Belts are great but often work best on large sizes in a color close to the color of the outfit.

6. White stockings, which are big this spring, are fine for heavier legs as long as they are very sheer and not the opaque variety.

7. Nude is the best color for undergarments. Stay away from white.

8. Though they're the rage in Paris, if you have less-than-perfect legs you should avoid knickers, jodphurs, kneepants and shoes with ankle straps.