In the ancient Roman calendar the 15th of March was called the Ides of March. Julius Caesar was told to beware of an assassin on that day. In this country the annual threat is the Ides of April when millions of us begin our frantic scramble to file income taxes by April 15th, only three days away, fully aware, that if we do not meet the deadline, the IRS will do us in.

An astrologer might have been able to save Caesar's life, by studying his chart and advising him where he could hide that day, but there is no planetary configuration in the Heavens that can save the American taxpayer from his fate. It is totally immaterial whether a taxpayer's chart is under good aspects or bad aspects or is totally unaspected and whether he has a malefic Saturn or benefic Jupiter transits -- the pain will be there, and only the degree of it will vary.

In fact, the ancient astrologers must have been very wise old men. They designated the 8th house to have rulership over both death and taxes, probably feeling both were unavoidable and very closely connected. And then, probably to make the 8th house sound a bit more cheerful, they made it rule other things; like any inheritances that a person may receive during his lifetime, any psychic powers he may posess, any loans from other people, all the resources (primarily financial) of a spouse or a partner, one's sexual potential, one's regenerative powers -- the power to rise like the phoenix from the ashes.

At taxtime, however, even those goodies translate into bad news.

For example, if Jupiter was good to you and you inherited some money during 1980, taxes probably ate most of it. You might begin to mistrust your psychic power for no amount of meditation can alter the grim picture one iota.

Those lucky loans you received to pay your taxes, became unpleasant debts while the splendid additional income of your spouse became a liability. And so, the combination of all of these factors cast a pall over the rosiest picture of your potential.

But the 8th house did not let you down completely -- it endowed you with the power of regeneration -- and after April 15th we all will be like phoenixes beginning anew to earn money for next year's taxes.

Astrological postscript:

Uranus reentered 29 degree of Scorpio on March 21, and will remain at that degree until April 26. Since this degree aspects the point of eclipse, a tense and war-like situation will prevail until then. There is a strong possibility of earthquakes (severe), fires, all natural disasters and anarchistic activity.

Since this is also the degree that connects the charts of Ronald Reagan and George Bush -- I except the president to feel really well after the 27th of April. He should be very careful from May 5 through 10, from May 19 through 21 and from May 15 through 19.

The international situation will be quieter from the end of May through June 15, but then we are in for a "hot summer," with Uranus stationing on 26 degree of Scorpio (another aspect to eclipse degree) until Sept. 20. Many foreign leaders are affected at that time with the charts of Begin and Khomeini very negatively aspected.