Bright, shrewd, tough, hardworking, quick-witted, irreverent; brusque, irascible, hard-nosed, bare-knuckled, truculent and fiercly conservative -- those are some of the adjectives that have been used to describe Lyn Nofziger, an ex-newspaperman and current assistant to the president for political counsel, responsible for coordination with the Republican National Committee and the House and Senate congressional campaign committees.

Lyn Nofziger was born on June 8, 1924, and has his Sun in Gemini. His Sun and Mercury, configurated as they are with all the remaining planets on his chart, provide us with the picture of a man who is much nicer and more complex than those adjectives would suggest.

Any Sun configuration such as his endows a man with a very strong ego and provides him with an infinite amount of inner resources. Such a man can bounce back from any adversity and is able to find a way out of difficult situations. You can knock such a man down -- but you cannot keep him there.

Since his Mercury repeats this configuration, his intellect will always find some workable solutions to even the most chaotic situations. While it is true that his fixed planets make him "fiercely conservative," for all his ferocious barking and his readiness for combat (a combat he truly enjoys and frequently may seek out just for fun), there is a great deal of kindness in this man. This kindness is the magic word, with which a "middle-of-the- roader" can open the door and sneak through.

Lyn Nofziger is not only a kind man but is also fiercely protective of people he loves, and he is unswervingly loyal. But woe to people who would betray his trust -- he would cut them out from his life and their disloyalty would never be forgotten or forgiven.

It has been said that he is brusque, and not always tactful. Strangely enough, he can be very tactful if he wants to be, because his brusqueness comes from impatience rather than from disregard for other people's feelings. But he cannot be bothered with having to "dance minuets," because such activity takes too much time, and time is to him a very precious commodity. Why waste time for 10 nicely turned phrases when two terse sentences will do?

Furthermore, he hates hypocrisy. He is what he is, and people can either take him or leave him. Role-playing and pretending are totally alien to his nature.

This man is a veritable bundle of energy. It is hard for me to imagine him resting peacefully under an apple tree, even for a few hours, unless he is totally exhausted. And even then, he will probably remember something that he should do, and jump up again. Only age will slow him down -- like maybe around the age of 90!

This man is a mover and a doer, maybe not always very tactful but always to the point. He has no patience with people who do not grasp ideas immediately, and if he has to repeat something several times -- he can become VERY TESTY.

Yet he is also an optimist, who can be very witty and who loves to "pull someone's leg." This makes him hard to argue with, because if he senses he may be losing an argument, he will try to wiggle out by using wit or sarcasm -- and probably will succeed.

All in all, this is a chart of a strong, individualistic man who does not run with the pack and who does not blend with his surroundings. He stands on his own and falls on his own, and likes it that way.

At present, his chart indicates his happy ascent to his present position, and the chart runs smoothly until 1982, when there is again a tremendous amount of activity. In 1982, he will work harder (if that is possible) than ever before, and his planet Saturn will reward him in direct proportion to the amount of hard work, patience and perseverance he expended in all of his years past. Since I know from his chart that he never did anything slipshod, the reward will be good.

Astrological postscript: In addition to other world leaders whose names I mentioned in my previous column, Indira Ghandi enters a very difficult year, when her political and personal life are in danger.