Q. I am a senior in high school, and I have a few questions about proper etiquette, the answers to which should make an enjoyable evening for all concerned.

1. Who do I send graduation announcements to?

2. Who do I send graduation invitations to?

3. What is the best way to ask a young lady to our senior prom?

4. What type of tuxedo should I rent?

5. Do you have any suggestions that would make their graduation or senior prom night more enjoyable?

A. Would it help if Miss Manners solved all your problems at once by keeping you back until you learn your grammar? No, probably not. At least allow her to dampen your enjoyment by correcting your questions, before she enhances it by answering them.

1. To whom should I send graduation announcements? Send them to relatives and close friends who you think will say "Oh, isn't that nice -- Adam has gotten through high school," and not to those whose response is more likely to be, "Oh-oh, do we have to send Adam a present just because he managed to get through school?"

2. To whom do I send graduation invitations? Send them to your closest relatives only. A graduation is a tedious event for anyone whose eyes are not misted with pride.

3. What is the best way to ask a young woman to your senior prom? The best way is, "Would you do me the honor of accompanying me to my senior prom?" but it is possible that the best wording will strike her as unbearably funny. You might try the second best, "Would you like to go to my senior prom with me?" In either case, give the date before she has had a chance to answer. This gives her the opportunity to refuse because of a schedule conflict, and that, Miss Manners assures you, is less painful than the blanket "No, not really" she might otherwise give.

4. What type of evening clothes should I wear? Evening clothes, also known as dinner jackets (the pants are assumed) must always be black on black, and the shirts must be white. Fanciful men's evening clothes are unspeakable.

5. No. If you accept all of the preceding corrections and advice, then you can just run along and have a wonderful time, with Miss Manners' blessing.