Maureen Reagan, the daughter of the president and his first wife, Jane Wyman, was born Jan. 4, 1941, and has her Sun in Capricorn. This sun, conjunct with her Mercury in Capricorn, in grand trine to her Saturn, Jupiter and Ruanus in Taurus, and to her Neptune in Virgo, give her six planets in Earth, and a predominantly Capricorn-Taurian chart.

Her planetary Capricorn-Taurus configurations are almost an exact replica of her father's, who, despite his Aquarian Sun, has five planets in Earth and a primary Capricorn-Taurus emphasis. And thus the father and the daughter are ultimately pragmatic and practical people, their feet very much on the ground, and while conservative in their views, they try to find solutions to problems in a pragmatic, middle-of-the-road way.

The similarities of their charts are augmented by Maureen's Mars; that combines exactly with her father's chart and thus we can truly say she is indeed her father's daughter and the apple did not fall far from the tree.

The distance, however, between this "apple" and the "tree" is caused by three planets she inherited from her mother. Those planets govern her intermost feelings, her private life and her relationships. This configuration is slightly askew in relationship to other planets by not blending well with the remainder of the chart, causing her some internal and external difficulties and conflicts. Those few planets prod her to view life in an intensely emotional way, rob her of usual common sense and practicality and drive her to assume some obstinate stands on issues that are often inconsequential.

Maureen's chart indicates she has a solution to her problem. All she needs to do is temper with realism her intense idealism. She should always remember there is nothing wrong in being idealistic, but in her chart this idealism has a tendency to carry her into a fantasyland, every time her emotions are passionately aroused.

Maureen Reagan's wedding was yesterday. This is her third marriage, the first two having ended in divorce. Since I was unable to obtain her husband's date of birth, I can only hope that his planets support her Capricorn-Taurus signature (father's side), rather than her few emotional planets. In order to be happy, she needs a strong, reliable, dramatic, dynamic and ambitious man, someone who should also be intensely emotional, but who can keep those emotions in check, without going off on tangents punctuated by tantrums over nothing.

Her two previous marriages took place when aspects on her chart were activating those few planets that represent her emotional life -- and obviously they were both emotional mistakes. And thus, since her current aspects are activating the identical pattern and are repeated by planetary position on the day of her wedding, this marriage also does not begin under the best of auspices. In addition, many of her planets are coming to the end of the cycle (several are currently on 29th degrees), and if I were her astrologer, I would have suggested that she had waited a few more months, especially if this marriage is the culmination of relationship that began about two years ago.

If this is the case, and her husband's chart has many planets in the air, or in fire, then she should be on the alert, for this marriage can be in jeopardy 1 1/2 years from now and then again in 2 1/2 years.

Her chart indicates she is currently assuming heavy responsibilities and that she will work very hard this year. I can only hope that this hard work and heavy responsibility are connected with her business, and not with her marriage and her husband. If they are related to her business, and if she carries patiently this yoke, then her business will really flourish in two years.

Astrological postscript:

This Sunday, the first part of the election process is taking place in France. Ten candidates are running and President Giscard d'Estaing and Monsieur Mitterand are considered to be front-runners, with Monsieur Girac the runner-up. The charts indicate, however, that Monsieur Marchant, the head of the Communist Party, is under very strong aspects and I expect him to play a very strong role in this preliminary race. The two men who get the most votes in today's election will run again on May 10.