Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jennings of McLean and Sarasota, Fla. announce the marriage of Mrs. Jennings daughter, Mildred Lynard Allen to Michel Francois Peissel of Cadaques, Spain. Mrs. Peissel is also the daughter of Marshall Fell Allen of Warrenton. The groom is the son of Mrs. Georges Peissel, who came from her home in Rome for the wedding, and the late Georges Peissel of the French Diplomatic Service, Director of Conferences at the United Nations in New York and Director of the World Food Program in Rome at the time of his death.

The ceremony was held in Fairfax County on March 7 and attended by family and close friends. The bride's sister, Mary Marshall Allen, and the groom's brother, Bernard Peissel of Markham, Canada, were attendants.

Mrs. Peissel -- known as Missy -- is a graduate of Flint Hill Preparatory School and Finch College, and was presented at the Fairfax Christmas Ball and at a small dance in Alexandria. She holds a master's in counseling from Boston University and did post-graduate studies at Harvard University, where until last year she was Director of Admissions of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. She is currently a free-lance journalist.

Dr. Peissel was educated at Oxford University, the Harvard Business School and holds a doctorate in ethnology from the Sorbonne. An explorer and author, the groom is a member of the Explorer's Club in New York and has received numerous book awards.