Linda Ronstadt is so enamored of the Edwardian chintzes with which she has been redoing her New York hideaway that she sent a woman over to Rose Cumming's famous antiques and fabric store in Manhattan the other day to pick up swatches for redecorating the singer's dressing room at the Uris Theater.

She'll only have a month to enjoy the extravagant new look if she leaves her show, "The Pirates of Penzance," on May 31 as scheduled.

The store's founder, the late Rose Cumming, was such a legend in the city that when her dog died, the demise led the "Talk of the Town" section in the New Yorker magazine.

Cumming was celebrated for a lot of things, including the fact that she once evicted Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis from the premises.

When the former first lady entered the store to announce that she was "just browsing," Cumming said in her frostiest grande dame manner: "COWS BROWSE. . ."

Then she waved her to the door, yelling: "Out! Out!"

The shop still demands impeccable manners from its clientele.

On one occasion, when dancer Rudolf Nureyev walked through, his fur coat brushed a valuable wooden display item to the floor.

Eileen Cumming Cecil, who took over management of the store when her sister died, was ensconced like a mandarin empress at the rear of the shop, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and brandishing a cane.

"How can anyone BE so clumsy," she shouted, as she backed Nureyev out the door like a fencer in an old Errol Flynn movie.

One of Ronald Reagan's top aides says that there has been a lot of debating by his staff about whether the president should be allowed to visit his ranch in California.

Those who have been winning the argument to keep him convalescing at the White House and Camp David feel that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to keep him off a horse. Also, there are those who argue that proximity to Washington is important if the public is going to perceive that Reagan is still running things.

Frank Sinatra had Los Angeles jeweler Sol Laykin make Princess Grace a gold key ring engraved with her Grimaldi family crest and her initials as a thank-you for a benefit she did for him in Los Angeles.

Then he ordered 1,000 brass replicas to be passed out to guests who attend the fund-raiser.

The trinkets have become collector's items, not just with status seekers who love to see them dangling in the ignitions of their Mercedes, Rolls and Bentleys.

One wag has been happily mailing them off to people he knows Sinatra doesn't like.

It made no difference that the jet belonged to Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo.

When the refueling crew at the private terminal at National Airport filled the tanks, they wouldn't take any of the gasoline credit cards offered by the pilot and copilot.

There was a lot of hurrying and scurrying in the scene that followed, while someone came up with $1,200 in cash.

Armchair psychologists will be glad to know the first movie Ronald Reagan has requested to see after his remarkable recovery from a gunshot wound is "Superman II." The Reagans have requested the film through this week, but the public won't get to see it until it opens June 19.