A funny thing happened on the way to the fashion shows this month in Europe. Within a day or two after their arrival in Milan and later in Paris, department-store executives were trying out the newest accessories -- virtually snatching ideas from the runaways and from well-dressed women on the streets.

With the American dollar particularly strong in Europe at the time, the temptation to buy the new European accessories were even more irresistible. CAPTION: Here's a sampling of some of the new fashion exclamation marks, to be worn now and into fall. Most are in Washington stores, with others arriving soon.; Pictures 1 through 7, The big shawl. Usually worn folded as a triangle and draped on the shoulder, with the point on one arm. May be worn -- if you're slim -- wrapped and tied over the hips. Or over jackets, coats, dresses. Almost all major designers in Europe and New York have shown some version of the shawl. This one is from Missoni (Garfinckel's, $150). The bronze shopping bag (or peweter or gold). Already a favorite in New York. This version by Shirl Miller Ltd., (Woodward & Lothrop, $44) has snap closure and inside zipper pocket. The glitter scarf. The easiest way to add a day-glitter to almost any outfit. This one from Italy in silk and lurex (Bloomingdale's, $10). The riding boot. The shape of the new flat-heeled boot for fall. While many of the upcoming versions are in very soft leather -- like short gloves for the feet -- the taller, riding boot is the sturdiest, and probably the best buy. (This one from Counts Western, $89). The copper shoe. Looks particularly new worn for daytime with both pants and skirts. This version by Maud Frizon (Garfinckel's, $210) is a spectator style combined with pewter. Many of the European variety are more casual, low-heeled pumps in textured metallic leather. Low-heeled and inexpensive copper copies have been sellouts here. More due soon. The red flat. The red accessory was a particular favorite on the streets of Milan and the runways of Paris. The red shoulder bag (always slung across the chest for security and style), red T-shirt ad red blouse showed up often as an accent for olive drab. Red hose, also very apparent in Europe, were usually worn as a contrast to black or white shoes. The red flat shown by Shoe Strings in red mesh ($35 at Rich's). Worn occasionally by young girls with anklets, but more often with white shoes. The gold belt. Brightens any dark-colored outfit. This one in softest gold leather (Bloomingdale's, $24). Photos by James A. Parcell; Design by Hatley Mason