If there can be an antidote to the anguish of reading about multiple murders, perhaps it can be found in the kind of reading Washington Post staff writer Hank Burchard gave us in this past Friday's "Weekend" section.

It was titled "A Dog, a Boy & What Comes Naturally" and was as heartwarming an article as anything I have read in a newspaper.

If you missed Hank's article and would like a copy, I'll tell you what I'll do: I'll send a photocopy to anybody who writes to me, gives his name and address and says he wants a copy.

I have no secretary, but I'm so sure you'll enjoy it I'm willing to make the copies and mail them out myself.

In exchange, please help reduce the volume of my correspondence chores by noting this piece of incidental intelligence:

Large mailers have not been cheating the United States Postal Service by putting 15 cents worth of postage on their bills, circulars etc.

If you look carefully at the private postage meter imprints on these letters, you will probably see the words "Presorted First Class" at the left edge of the imprint. It means that the mailer has sorted his letters before depositing them with USPS, and has earned a 3-cent discount from the standard 18-cent rate. USPS says presorting saves it at least 3 cents, probably more.

If you don't ask about presorts you'll save me the need to write about 10 letters a week. Thank you.