Sunday, in case you've forgotten, is Mother's Day. And as you ply her with champagne and chocolates, you'll no doubt consider yourself an authority on that woman you call Mother. But are you? Try this for-fun-only quiz to find out.

You've spent years with your mother?

See how much -- or how little -- you've learned in all those years by scrawling your answers to these questions. You won't find the answers here: Only your mother can correct your test. And it just may give you something to talk about.

1. How tall is your mother in feet and inches?

2. Can she raise one eyebrow at a time?

3. How much of "I've Been Working on the Railroad" can she sing?


First few lines



4. What book has she read most recently?

5. Can you name at least one of her old boyfriends?

6. Pick the team your mother voted for in the 1980 presidential election:





Didn't vote.

7. Does your mother believe in love at first sight?

8. What does your mother consider her most sentimental possession?

9. If you ask your mother "Which is larger, a bluebird or a bluejay?" will she know?

10. Which of these films has she seen?

"Ordinary People.

"Gone with the Wind"

"9 to 5"

"National Velvet"

"The Graduate"


11. Did your mother have a nickname as a child or teenager?

12. How old was she on her first date?

13. Can she name any painting by Pablo Picasso?

14. How much cash does your mother generally carry?

Less than $20

$20 to $50.

More than $50

15. If you needed emergency surgery and the surgeon turned out to be a woman, your mother would feel:




16. Does your mother know who Linus and Lucy are?

17. Did your mother have any pets as a child?

18. Does she think women should be drafted?

19. Did she think Humphrey Bogart was attractive?

20. If she were offered a quick lesson in riding a moped, would she take it? How'd You Do?

Give yourself 5 points for each correct answer.

90 or above: You know your mother.

70-90: Not bad.

Below 70: You could use a course on "Getting to Know Her."