Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina has replaced Sen. Frank Churchas the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. In this new role he has been successful in delaying Senate confirmation of several presidential nominees by subjecting them to a strict ideological litmus test. Since most of the candidates did not register "true-blue" on Helms' loyalty scale, they were "tabled," to ponder at leisure the error of their ways.

Sen. Helms, the self-annointed guardian of the purity of ultra-conservative thought, and the self-proclaimed expert on Ronald Reagan's ideological thinking, was born on Oct. 18, 1921, and has his Sun in Libra. This Libra sun, in conjunction with other Libra, Cancer, Leo and Virgo planets is very reminiscent of Jimnmy Carter's chart, and indicative of many similar traits.

It indicates an ego that not only needs constant adulation, but is totally unable to withstand any criticism. It suggests that Helms, just like Carter, feels that he represents the ultimate in purity of thought and personal conduct. It implicates the religious fervor of a self-righteous man, who feels, like Carter, that he can guide sinners to salvation if they would but see Helmns' light. It shows a desire, just like Carter's, to have all of the citizens, and not just the citizens of his own state, listen to him. a

An astrological sun configuration such as Helms' sets no limits on one's visions of oneself, and of one's potency and capabilities.

The chart shows Mercury in Scorpio afflicted from almost all directions, expecially by Neptune, which is difficult, because Neptune always distorts the perception of reality. In addition, this Mercury also opposes his Moon, which robs a person of common sense, and in a politician's chart it immediately alienates a number of people, bringing about an unrelenting polarization, especially if those planets are in fixed signs (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius).

In that respect it is interesting to note that while many supporters affectionately call Helms "Uncle Jesse," his opponents have expressions that are unprintable.

This Mercury-Moon-Neptune affliction falls exactly on President Reagan's Sun-Moon-Jupiter configuration, and this explains why Helms thinks that he knows exactly what Reagan thinks, which, of course, is nothing more but Helms' Neptunian illusion.

The configuration on Helms' chart, so similar to Jimmy Carter's chart, will ultimately bring about the same ending as Carter's, but without any solace of either presidency or vice presidency (even though the desire is there). In fact, this chart will start to be quite negatively aspected by the end of this year, bringing about considerable stress and disillusionment. The year 1980 and 1981 brought the most positive aspects that will not be repeated and that begin to unravel already by 1982. In other words, for a man who is still running, this chart is already "peaking." And so, whatever Jesse Helms has been planning ends with a whimper and not with a bang. And thus I can advise "Uncle Jesse" to enjoy to the utmost what he has right now, for this is the best this chart will deliver for many years to come, and in 1982 the chart goes down and out.

Astrological postscript:

President Giscard d'Estaing was born in Coblenz, which was under French occupation in 1921. But even though I have his exact moment of birth, there is conflicting data whether the clocks in Coblenz were set on French or German time. This creates almost a one-hour difference, and with one chart he wins, while the other chart is weak.

Nevertheless, I think that Giscard will win, simply because Marchais suffered a most stunning defeat, and his chart had the strongest aspects (strong aspects do not necessarily mean victory -- but indicate an impact). Since Marchais planets support Giscard's chart rather than Mitterand's, the Fate of Marchais plays into the hands of Giscard, and not of Mitterand. And so, even though the latest polls make Mitterand the winner. I am picking Giscard (especially if that one chart with French time is correct).