Some of ex-college student Sheilah O'Connor's favorite bargain spots, along with her comments:

Eateries : Vesuvios Pizza, a cafeteria-style restaurant near Dupont Circle, has 65-cent slices of cheese pizza and $1.15 bowls of homemade chili. In Georgetown, there's a place called Ikoros, where $2.30 will buy you a meatball sub that easily can feed two. Pizza slices go for the same price as Vesuvios'.

While you're in the neighborhood, check out the day-old pastries around the corner at Crumpets. They're usually pretty fresh, and you can buy yourself a doughnut and still get change from a quarter.

High Culture : For book -- as opposed to food -- consumption, there are secondhand bargains galore (everything from the classics to self-help manuals) at Second Story Books.

Filmwise, the Circle Theater on Pennsylvania Avenue shows second-run films for $2; matinees are half price. It also pays to check the schedules of university film departments: They often run full-length feature films for a minimal charge (usually free if you are a student there).

At Dupont Circle's Discount Records and Books there are some great rhythm-and-blues records stashed away in their secondhand bin, where prices start at around 29 cents for albums that don't sound much the worse for wear. The bin also contains a number of classical recordings, if that's more your style.

Watering Holes : Just turn up the jukebox and never mind the decor! "Mr. Egan's, Also," on Connecticut Avenue sells draft beer for 80 cents a mug, and their pitchers of beer go for less than $3.

On Capitol Hill, there's some great discount drinking at the Tune Inn, a Western-style juke joint nestled among that area's more elite establishments.

Old Mac's will serve you up a draft beer for 85 cents. The last time I checked, Old Mac's bartender was still occasionally standing on the bar and throwing ice cubes at the patrons. For free. Location: near the corner of Wisonsin and M Streets NW. Whoever said Georgetown was pretentious?