Let's start off with weighty matters and wing it from there:

We have long held that politicians are well versed in angles. So why has the Reagan administration, heretofore, said nothing on the related subject of angling? We've learned that like horses and the Mrs. likes teeny-weeny guns; but what of fish?

At last, we have word from the second-in-command, Vice President George Bush, that, yes, the muckety-mucks support the hook, line and sinker business. We have evidence in the picture of Number Two's near smile while he hoists an eight-pound, 28-inch Atlantic salmon.

On the lighter side: Chester J. Detko, of College Park, wrote one of those letters that ended with "I am certain that you will not publish or answer this letter . . . "Well:

Detko questions the masculinity of the fish reporter, and his ability as an angler, because we don't write enough about his beloved Chesapeake Bay. Our coverage leads him to say: "It would not suprise me if H. Bradford Fish is a Ms.," and challenges me, sex aside, to a fishing match. Well, let's go: Your place, your time, your boat. Bluefish at 30 paces. Call the Weekend section and an angler's duel we'll have.

Now for the business at hand: