"I'LL TELL you, in the corridors of the White House, the difference in the way the women are dressed and the way they were dressed in previous administrations: We don't have to be super chic. But I remember a girl greeting me not too many years ago in clogs at the diplomatic reception door. I never got over it. We do not wear pants. We do not wear clogs. We represent our country."

"I hate personal publicity. When Henry and I were married there was a flurry of magazines that wanted to do articles on us . . . and we turned down all of them. I've agreed to interviews now because I think there are things that are misunderstood about Mrs. Reagan . . ."

"I got my first piece of hate mail after a television performance in New York -- some lady shrieking at me about Mrs. Reagan's coats. The animal protection people are after her about her mink coats. Barbara Rush has a mink coat, Pat Haig has a mink coat. I have a mink coat."

"And the other thing is I think there is a generational problem. The president and Mrs. Reagan live in a manner of their generation which is not exactly the manner in which the young reporters in their 20s and early 30s live. Some of the young reporters are unfamiliar with this manner, the politeness, the charm, the attitude towards life."

I've seen it and I've seen women in Washington ignored, neglected, I've seen them zip into the spotlight and then whoop! Their husband's job changes and suddenly they are no more. I think what happens to people here is cruel and I think if you don't have great resources intellectually and a great sense of humor and some really loving friends it can be very difficult. It does not change and humor is essential -- gallows humor."