This time of year seems to bring more scrapes, cuts, bruises, bends and even breaks, as everyone gets more active outdoors. Knowing how to bind those wounds is helpful to both victim and helper. What looks (and is) a very minor cut can turn into a real problem if first-aid treatment is sloppy.

The folks at 3M have published a handly little booklet called "Home Care Bandaging," with important information about first aid for wounds, and shows how to tape a variety of surfaces properly. Not all parts are created alike, or equal, and each has its own taping requirements.

For a free copy, send a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope to "Home Care Bandaging," 3M Center, 223-4S, St. Paul, Minnesota 55144. ADOPTION INFORMATION -- Adoption is an exciting, intricate and emotional process, involving many decisions and requiring more than casual thought.

If you've thought about adoption, your next thought should be to get a copy of "Adopting a Child." This excellent new publication from the Public Affairs Committee discusses feelings, procedures and problems involved, as well as discusses the considerations in transracial and transnational adoptions, open adoptions, single-parent adoptions and other issues that it's often difficult to get calm, accurate information about.

The booklet concludes with a helpful bibliography and list of organizations that can provide further information. For a copy, send 50 cents for postage and handling to Public Affairs Committee, 381 Park Avenue South, Dept. FB, New York 10016. EAT -- We've met very few food items that didn't get a special boost from olive oil. You'll discover all the things that can happen with the Mediterranean marvel by sending for a free copy of "Pompeian Presents," a brochure with 24 tempting invitations to foods prepared with olive oil.

You can make a whole meal, starting with "Chicken Bites" or "Avocado Dunk" as an appetizer, "Grilled Dill Steak" as the main course and "Chocolate Fleck Cake" for dessert. And you can invite us over.

For a free copy, send your request to Pompeian, Inc., 4201 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore 21224.

Another tempting set of recipes, called "Delicious Memories," is a guide to things to be done with prunes: "Harvest Stuffing," "Hearty Prune Bread" and "Lumberjack Flapjacks," among a lot of others. For a free copy, send a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope to California Prune Board, 103 World Trace Center, San Francisco 94111. READERS WRITE

"After a lot of years of effort and a lot of money, I've graduated with a degree in science. The traditional career services aren't always ready for a woman. Where can I find out about job advice for women scientists?"

You can get a lot of helpful advice from the Association for Women in Science, which offers, among other things, a four-page repring called "Resources for Women in Sciences," a concise guide to all kinds of career resources. For a free copy, send a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope to J. Tasse, AWIS, Rom 1122, 1346 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington 20036.

"We're thinking of going to Texas on vacation this year. That state must offer some freebies telling us about what it has to offer to tourists."

Texas does everything a bit larger than life, freebies included. How about a free "Do-It-Yourself Vacation Kit," complete with a 160-page, full-color magazine that both tells and shows all the things you'll enjoy? For a free copy, write "Vacation Kit," Dept. of Highways and Public Transportation, Travel and Information Division, P.O. Box 5064, Austin 78763.