Henry Fogel, orchestra manager of the New York Philharmonic, is the new executive director of the National Symphony Orchestra.

Fogel, introduced at a press conference yesterday by Leonard Silverstein, president of the orchestra's board of trustees, succeeds Martin Feinstein, who resigned last December.

The new director, 38, held his New York post from 1978. He will take over the position here the third week of July, he said. Until then, Robert J. Noerr will continue to direct the orchestra from his post as general manager.

Fogel was for 15 years vice president and program director of WONO, a radio station in Syracuse, N.Y. In 1968 he produced the first radio marathon to raise money for an orchestra, a method that has generated over $9 million for orchestras in North America.

In a statement yesterday he said he plans to seek more corporate and foundation support for the NSO, especially for the planned European tour next February which includes a stand at Zurich.

"What attracted me first to Washington," Fogel said, "was the board's willingness to come to grips with the fact that a major orchestra needs a major fund-raising effort. I understand that the current campaign already has cut down this year's deficit, which had been projected at well over $1 million, and may eradicate it entirely."

Though Fogel's title is different from Feinstein's -- he was president and chief operating officer -- the job is the same, symphony staffers said. Meanwhile, as artistic administrator is being sought to assist Noerr, who was promoted from manager at the time of Feinstein's departure.

Fogel, who is married and has two children, studied musicology and music history at Syracuse University.