The Center for Population Option's radio tapes stress sexual/parenting responsibility with messages from music and sports stars. A sampling:

Joe Theismann: "I couldn't even imagine being a father at 14. Hell, I hadn't even begun to shave yet. It doesn't take long to create a child. You really have to think of what might be the final outcome."

Mel Rogers of Chic: "That's another thing that really bothers me, the lack of responsibility on both parts . . . If she's not prepared and you're not prepared. Oh well, you just kiss and shake hands or something."

Reggie Jackson: "A child who has a child suffers."

Fee Waybill of The Tubes: " . . . It was murder to go the question route. To ask point-blank, are you on the pill? Do you have some foam? It has been embarrassing two or three times when they've said, 'Of course, you dummy!' On the other hand, with some young teen-age girls who go, 'What's that?' I'd say, Uh oh. Let's get back in the front seat and watch the movie. This is the good part where the shark comes."

Janis Ian: "I know people who've had babies because they wanted their old man to marry them. . . . It's a huge step. It's a lifelong commitment."

Loretta Lynn: "I grew up with my kids. My oldest kid is 14 years younger than I am. So I know what it's like. If I'd had the pill back then, I'd popped them like popcorn."