Aspirin is the true "wonder drug," taken in huge quantities to relieve a wide variety of ills.

While it won't cure everything and anything, there's a tendency to think of it as the drug of first resort. The problem is that familiarity often leads us to forget that aspirin is a drug.

The Food and Drug Administration has a free reprint called "Aspirin: America's Favorite Drug." It contains an excellent summary of what aspirin will -- and won't do, -- the state of current research on it, and a guide to the correct dosage level for children.

That's of particular importance, since children are much more subject to aspirin overdose than adults. A single aspirin tablet can be an overdose for an infant.

To obtain a free copy of "Aspirin: America's Favorite Drug" send a postcard request to Consumer Focus, Dept 635J, Pueblo, Colorado 81009. HAND IT UP -- If the laundry has you hung out to dry, perhaps a few free tips will make you feel a bit better.

"Clotheslines" answers several of the most common laundry-day questions, such as whether fabric types can be mixed, what's the proper size load and the proper methods for drying clothes.

To obtain a free copy of "Clotheslines," send your request and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Grey & Davis Inc., Dept. FB, 777 Third Avenue, New York 10017. FOOD -- Food is fun, which means that nutrition should be an interesting subject for kids. If you're interested in having your children learn more about what they eat, a copy of "Food for Thought" might be in order.

"Food for Thought" is a collection of games puzzles and brief information tidbits that will educate and entertain at the same time. Did you know that a cow has four different stomachs, each doing a different job, and that one cow may produce 72 glasses of milk daily? That a chicken will lay one egg a day for 240 days? That about half the peanut crop in this country winds up being peanut butter?

You can obtain "Food for Thought" by sending 35 cents' postage to Public Affairs Dept., Chevron Chemical Co., P.O. Box 3744, San Francisco 49119. QUERY FROM A READER: "I'm now thoroughly confused by all the information -- most of it conflicting -- about fats, oils, nutrition and health. Anything you can suggest would be a big help."

Try a free copy of "A Guide to Fats and Oils," a 23-page booklet on the health aspects of these important dietary components. It discusses the fat content of many foods, how to prepare foods with fats, how much fat a person needs daily, and how to read ingredient labels. For a free copy, send your postcard request to Fats and Oils, Dept. FO-MSL, P.O. Box 307, Coventry, Connecticut 06238.