1) Don't expect the steamlined efficiency of a profit-making enterprise.

2) Don't confess to have an ancient crush on a reunion committee member.

3) Don't reveal your current salary at a meeting.

4) Don't volunteer for phone work if others are willing.

5) Don't insist on a formal dress code at your dance. Settle for something like "clean socks."

6) Don't encourage guests to bring their own liquor. A cash bar will encourage restraint.

7) Don't be embarrassed about charging $15 admission. It's not just a dance; there also are organizing costs.

8) Don't turn people away because they can't afford $15.

9) Don't hire a live band. They're too loud to reminisce to.

10) Don't permit disco. Songs from you era are frought with better memories.

11) Hire a deejay to emcee. This will discourage former class clowns as spokespersons.

12) Don't ask your parents to chaperone.

13) Invite the faculty, but remember: No matter how unforgettable your class, reunion -- for teachers -- are routine.

14) Assign two names to your reunion checking account. One may quit.

15) Don't waste money on engraved invitations. Photocopying is free at your office, provided you can find time alone.

16) Don't moisten 600 envelopes with your tongues.

17) Don't change the location of your picnic after the invitations have been mailed.

18) Avoid cliqueishness . Your committee should be a cross-section of your class, not run by one crowd.

19) Don't spend more than a few hours a week organizing a high-school reunion. You will tire of living in the past.