One concern of Ron Paul's "7 Day Cycle" is falling forward, not continuously but in stopgap stages. This is the art of dance imitating the art of futurist painters, yet in our world's gravity it's not an easy thing to do. At first Paul and his partner, Denise Rivera, only pretended to fall with the torso while actually kneeling. dFinally a worthy solution was found. Rivera stood behind Paul, wrapped her arms around his waist and as he inched forward, she toppled in discreet steps.

In this first concert, Sunday night, on Joy of Motion's June weekends series at its new studio north of Dupont Circle, the world of the post-post modern dancer was on display. Like many an "emerging" choreorgrapher in New York, Paul prefers to do a few things well and repeat them with just slight variation. On this occasion he also concentrated on turning and balletic balancing in haste or in slow-motion. Such actions, set to the reiterative music of Steve Reich and Morton Subotnick, constituted the major part of the "life" of this dancer couple, which begins its days waking up amorously out of sync.

Paul is lanky and, with his expressions of concerntration and eagerness, he is a performer one could watch uniterruptedly for over half an hour in minimalist material despite his busyness. Rivera, short and solid, followed Paul's direction without betraying her attitude.