When Caroline Kennedy ran her very first race Wednesday in New York, she did 3 1/2 miles around Central Park in 28 minutes, 19 seconds -- two minutes faster than she had expected to run.

She placed 446th among 2,113 women who finished in the annual Manufacturers Hanover Corporate Challenge.

Contrary to some published reports, she didn't jog with three bodyguards.

Fred Lebow, president of the New York Roadrunners Club that helped organize the race, said he saw a woman he didn't recognize at the time surrounded by photographers as she was nearing the finish line.

"I didn't know who she was," he said, "but I didn't think it was right that the cameramen were following her, so I stepped in between her and the cameramen. She indicated she wanted some kind of protection, so I motioned and got someone else from Roadrunners to help."

He had nothing but compliments for Kennedy's running form. "Fluid and very economical," he said. "It was hard to believe it was her first race. aShe was definitely upset about the press. I hope it doesn't discourage her."

When Suzi Park Thomson of "Koreagate" fame marries former representative Bob Leggett in a Hawaiian wedding ceremony beside a 55-foot waterfall, the festivities will culminate a week-long bargain vacation trip with 36 of their friends.

The couple will be married July 5 at Waimea Falls in Waimea Park on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The privately owned nature park boasts an electric tram that whisks visitors the mile-long distance to the falls.

Leggett set up a package deal for himself and his bride-to-be and their friends to stay eight days and seven nights at the Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel, according to the travel agent who made the arrangements. The package, called "Waikiki Value Vacation," costs $463 per person and includes air fare from San Francisco to Honolulu, continental breakfast the morning after arrival, the use of a compact car for one 24-hour period, and hotel accommodations in something called "the minimum category," according to Phillis Childs, convention supervisor for Amfac hotels.

Each of the guests is paying for himself, according to Judge Ellis Randall, a superior court judge in Fairfield, Calif., who along with his wife, is spending the week with the Leggett party in Waikiki. Ellis said he and Leggett have been "very good friends" since the time Leggett worked in his law firm when the former congressman was just out of congress.

Sources close to Leggett and Thomson claim that a "lot" of invitations were mailed to Capitol Hill, but no current past or present members of Congress are listed among the official wedding party expected to stay at the Waikiki Beachcomber.

Those guests who are scheduled to arrive, according to a hotel spokesman, include Leggett's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Leggett; his brother, Neil, and his wife; his daughter, Jeanne; Gino Marena, one of Leggett's business associates in California when he was a lobbyist for the maritime industry; Charlie Gianola, Leggett's former law partner from Vallejo; Paul Dacey, another of his former law partners; old California friends Malcolm and Mary Tipp, and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McDonald. Thomson's guests include her sister, Soong, whose nickname is "Charlie," and her niece, Caroline, who is best known in Washington for climbing up onto a prosecutor's lap during "Koreagate" with an American flag in her dimpled toddler's hand and lisping, "I wuv you."

The wedding invitation lists Leggett as Congressman Robert e. Leggett (retired). There will be a Hawaiian luau following the ceremony.

There are three telephone numbers listed on the invitation for replies, two are for Leggett, who is now living in Southwest Washington. The third is for the Oceanic Institute in Hawaii, the research arm of an oceanographic firm called the Oceanic Foundation, which is located about a half hour from Honolulu on the island of Oahu. The institute is a private business that does aquaculture research in conjunction with the foundation.