James Boutique, the spy whose expense account to enjoy and destroy luxury dry goods uses up half the British national budget, is back in "For Your Eyes Only," still dressing nattily and stalking the enemies of the free world on quality real estate.

This is the 12th film based on Ian Fleming's James Bond series, which consisted of 12 novels and eight short stories of which this is one. It's the fifth in which Roger Moore plays the hero. Another film, based on the short story "Octopussy," is planned.

The basic ingredients of them all are, in order of importance, customized automobiles, small aircraft, boats, three-star hotels and young women with names like dogs. These items are treated as expendable, and the thrill of the films is to see them carelessly damaged without apparent regard to cost.

This is considered universally amusing. The film company estimates that more than a billion admissions have been sold to Bond films, pointing out that this would represent a quarter of the world's population (presuming that no one ever went back).

In the current film, Bond has been assigned to recover the coding equipment of a British spy ship and sank off Corfu. Variety of scenery is achieved by having the villains take their holidays at Cortina d'Ampezzo. The heroines, if one can call them that, are a stony-faced marine archaelogist who spits out the picture's funniest line -- "I am half Greek, and Greek women like Electra always avenge their loved ones" -- and a blond teen-aged nymphomaniac, one of the hordes of the ravenous young who plague the lives of middle-aged movie heroes.

It is rather more rugged than previous installments, being equally divided among sequences in the air (a helicoptor chase), snow (ski and spike-wheeled motorcycle chases), water (diving chases) and mountains (a rope chase).

And it has two brief sequences that are new and funny -- Topol, the Israeli actor, as a Greek tycoon addicted to pistachio nuts, and Janet Brown as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

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