Jane Wyman, an actress and the first wife of Ronald Reagan, was born on Jan. 4 and has her Sun in Capricorn. This date of birth remains the same in all reference books, but her year of birth is open to question because it changes with the passage of time. In the oldest biograhpies it is listed as 1914, in subsequent ones as 1917, while the current bilgraphies omit it altogether.

I close 1914 to cast this chart because its multiple linkage to Ronald Reagan's chart indicated not only a very powerful mutual

Jane Wyman, with her several Capricorn planets, afflicted by her Mars and Moon, is a strong, independent woman, who thinks for herself and cannot stand authority, especially male authority. Her chart indicates a great deal of ambition, and this ambition is stronger than her needs for emotional ties and close relationships. The motto of this chart could be: "What we think and what we do is more important than what we feel".

Her mind is excellent, sharp, penetrating, quick and very much to the point; at the same time, it is tinged with combativeness and rebellion, and frequently flawed with bad timing -- she often executes her ideas too quickly. Her chart indicates a person void of sentimentality, since her Capricorn planets consider it a waste of time.

At the same time she would make a wonderful friend, steadfast and loyal, ready to help in the time of need. And yet, like a brusque nurse, she will be superb at the time of emergency, but will not be very patient and "soulful" during a convalescence.

Jane Wyman's chart indicates that she is pragmatic, with a strong sense of responsibility (comparable to Reagan's) and this strong sense of responsibility must have made the divorce decision very difficult for both of them.

The decision must have been made even more difficult by the fact their astrological link-ups indicate a strong, almost compelling "in love bit". This planetary linkage, combined with the remainder of their charts, paints a vivid picture of a relationship -- so very frequent in life -- where two people are attracted to one another, despite their basic differences. Yet, because of those fundamental differences they cannot satisfy each other's needs.

Reagan's chart indicates a sentimental man who craves affection, tenderness, "cuddiness" and lots and lots of TLC, and this makes him vulnerable to hurt and rejection. He must have been hurt many times by the no-nonsense attitude of his first wife. At the same time, his desire to take the reins in that marriage must have been frustrating for Wyman, who wants to stand on her own and make her own decisions.

It must have been a frustrating relationship for both of them, their strong mutual attraction incapable of resolving their deep, underlying differences, with Reagan, because of his vulnerability (his Venus in Pisces versus hers in Capricorn) emerging the more hurt of the two.

And so it becomes understandable how Nancy Davis Reagan, with all her Cancerian planets always ready to give emotional nurturing, must have appeared to him an oasis in a parched land, supplying the affection, sentimentality and gentle touch that he needs so much.

Jane Wyman, as I understand, plans to return to her professional life.

The aspects on her chart indicate that she probably will do so and that the comeback will be quite successful. Some good opportunity appears "from the blue" and may materialize in the autumn.

And finally, one cannot help but wonder whether Jane Wyman ever had any regrets, especially since her ex-husband became the president of United States, and -- had they stayed married -- she would have been the first lady. Looking at their charts, it is open to question whether Reagan could have attained the presidency without the steady, emotional support he has been receiving from Nancy Reagan. Even if he had become president while still married to Wyman I think that she, with her strong personality and with her impactience with "any frills," would have had an incredibly hard time adjusting to the rigors of protocol, and that frustration would have married and deflated any joy of satisfied ambition.