Thomas P. ("Tip") O'Neill was born on Dec. 9, 1912, and has his Sun in Sagittarius. This Sun, combined with four other planets, also in Sagittarius (a stelium), endowed him with charm, a good sense of humor, optimism. He is a congenial, compassionate man.

The stelium, spearheaded by his powerful Jupiter (planet of luck) ensured him a steady climb in his political career and protected him from the pitfalls. Elected to the 83rd Congress in 1952, he became majority whip in the 92nd, majority leader in the 93rd and the 94th, and speaker of the House in the 95th, 96th and 97th.

But even the most powerful Jupiter cannot always protect a chart buffeted by planetary stresses.

Tip O'neill, who like an old sea lion was always masterful in thwarting any attacks on his territory, found himself in the 97th Congress losing to a challenger who not only successfully invaded this territory but also took part of his harem, which flipper-flapped away despite all his threatening growls.

I wish I could offer some words of hope to this beleaguered and mournful sea lion and be able to tell O'Neill that his chart is on the upswing and that he will recapture all the seals he lost. Unfortunately, his chart remains under stress through 1984, and this stress, and attendant frustrations, will be much more difficult to cope with, since they are caused by two convergent but totally different factors.

The first factor is an adverse impact of progressing planets. This always brings delays, and a seemingly lessened capacity to cope, for too many things go wrong at the same time. At such times, it is best to remember that "easy does it," because the more we fight against the tide, the more we lose the footing. Only the passage of time can lift the pressure.

The other factor of stress is much more frustrating because time will never solve this problem. The problem lies in the way Reagan's and O'neill's charts mesh with one another. Unfortunately for O'Neill, his planets fall on Reagan's planets in such a way that they boost Reagan's strength. In such a case, no matter what one person does or says, he somehow plays into the hands of the other -- and this can be quite maddening.

Not only O'Neill's benefics (Venus, Jupiter) work to support Reagan's chart and enhance its standing, but even O'Neill's malefics are neutralized. For example, O'Neill's Saturn, in Taurus, the planet of checks and restraints, is robbed of its strength by Reagan's chart: Reagan's planetary pattern moves it, first, from its inimical position into a friendly oppositon, then neutralizes it, and finally saps its strength. This situation repeats itself throughout the chart.

When such a thing occurs between the charts of two people who oppose one another, this is extremely frustrating because the planets refuse to cooperate, and they transform every adversary situation into a beneficial one for the opponent.

If we are aware, however, that such a situation does exist, we can spare ourselves lots of grief because we can stop questioning why things went wrong, and stop doubting our ability, intelligence or performance. We know that we are just as effective and functional as we always were; it is just that our planetary positions are more helpful to the other person.

My advice to Tip O'Neill during this time of stress (that may negatively affect his health) is to try to retain his sense of humor and optimistic outlook on life. He should have lots of rest, and should remember that he is not personally responsible for the fact that his planets support Reagan's chart better than his own.