Two local boys were featured attractions last night at the Cellar Door. One has tasted success and returned home. The other could be on his way up, if there's any justice in the pop world.

Singer-guitarist Larry Burnett took leave of the group Firefall several months ago and is currently working as a cook in an area restaurant. But he has apparently not said goodbye to his music.

His performance was low-key and lyrical, with soft, bluesy guitar chords and smooth vocals. Burnett has learned much from Steven Stills, and many of his songs recall the early Eagles. Yet he is a distinctive song stylist, whose recent material (particularly "Confidence Game") offers new and improved musical directions.

Singer-guitarist-pianist-oddball Steve Hudson opened the show with a daffy collection of musical comedy pieces. Hudson is a kind of counter-culture Victor Borge. He skewers everything from Elvis to The Classics to "chopsticks" (complete with a boogie-woogie beat), with passing shots at health insurance and carpenter bees ("your basic bumble type -- except that these show up at your house at 7:30 a.m. and park their vans in your yards"). At the moment, Steve Hudson doesn't get no respect. But just wait.