The Rev. Jerry Falwell, the aseptic Burt Reynolds of religious television and radio programs, was born on Aug. 11, 1933, and has his Sun in Leo. Phyllis Schlafly, a ministering Florence Nightingale to enfeebled male egos, was born on Aug. 15, 1924, and has her Sun in Leo. The charts of these two guardians of morality, purity, chastity and fecundity show many similarities besides their two Suns in Leo.

The Leo Suns endow them both with the desire to be great theatrical performers, and their strong Uranian influence gives them a penchant for dramatics, a need for applauding and adoring fans and a drive to occupy center stage. They both have Venus-Mercury-Uranus aspects giving them good speaking voices and a love of oratory. All of those attributes would have propelled them into acting careers if it were not for the rest of their charts.

In both charts the malefics, and especially powerful and afflicted Saturns, bear down on the rest of the planets. In such a case, Saturn either represses or makes any natural drive or ability somewhat tainted or suspect. Since a strong Leo drive can never be totally suppressed, it will assert itself, but under such a controlling yoke of Saturn, it needs some great and noble justification. Since any cause, real or imaginary, can serve as such, the Leonine ego grabs it and then reassures the tyrannical and repressive Saturn that it does not act to satisfy its own needs but is performing only for the good of the others. The remainder of the chart can then indicate what causes such an afflicted Leo will promote. Falwell and Schlafly's causes would be similar, because their charts are similar.

Falwell, with his Moon in Aries and his Venus in Virgo (female planets representing his ideal of a woman), afflicted from all the sides by malefics, including Saturn, reveal a view of women as housekeepers (Virgo) and an inability to relate well to them. According to his chart, he also has some fear of them for whatever Saturn Touches brings fear into that area of contact; and his planets indicatem he might like to put them all under that yoke of repressive Saturn that he himself suffers under. His male planets (Sun and Mars), similiarly afflicted, show hostility also toward men and male authority. His chart reveals that he would love men to be as restricted as he is.

Schlafly's chart repeats the story. Her afflicted male planets (Mars in Pices retrograde, Sun conjunct Neptune) indicates contempt for men, and indicate a view of men as so ineffectual that women have to be reduced first to helplessness before the male prowess and ascendancy can be perceived.

Both charts sport several planets in Pisces and Virgo (all afflicted), and such configurations tend to make people feel inadequate and guilty: Virgo makes them aware that they always fall short of their self-imposed and unattainable standards, while Pisces planets demand immediate attonement and sacrifice.

Those aspects make people feel very insecure and unhappy about themselves (beautifully camouflaged here by Leo Suns) and, since they are so insecure, they want the whole world to agree with them because only millions of echoing voices can reassure them of their own worth from day to day. Thus one voice of dissent becomes a thunderbolt, since it vocalizes their own insecurities and continuous self-doubt.

One cannot help but feel sad looking at those two charts. Without the terrible afflictions from the malefics and especially from Saturn, they might have become fairly good actors (Falwell's Sun is on a theatrical degree), might have gotten the applause they so desire, satisfied their ego needs and would have felt better about themselves, the world and the opposite sex.

My predictions: Phyllis Schlafly's chart has already peaked. The end of this year and 1982 will present her with many difficulties and frustrations at the same time; since her Mercury (planet of mind) is almost as badly configurated as Jimmy Carter's, she will not see "the forest for the trees" and may not even preceive there her acting career is about to end.

Jerry Falwell's chart is in the process of peaking. It is like a car that is running out of gas, even though at the end of 1982 and into 1983 he will try to revitalize its activities, with a short-lived spurt of success. Unfortunately for both of these people, charts like theirs do not deliver any permanence to one's endeavors. An afflicting and powerful Saturn never delivers a steady growth, unless its malefic effect can be defeated by the strength of other planets, and such strength is absent in both of their charts.