Artartus Jenkins, a talented performer, has come up with an arresting title for his two-man show: "The Gospel According to Me." But if the title conjures up irreverent thoughts, dismiss them; the show is sort of a down-scale gospel music variation of "Jesus Christ Superstar."

Jenkins and his accompanist/supporting cast, Charles Ross, depict the last days of Jesus Christ through collo-quialized dialogue and rousing gospel hymns. An hour-long show, it is not enough to sustain a full evening of theater, but as half of a bill or a piece to tour church groups with, it would be quite invigorating.

With such simple construct, the performance depends on the performers, and Jenkins has a strong stage presence and a marvelous, booming voice. He is graceful and charismatic, but the performance lacks a sense of flow; the audience is sort of jerked along from one song to the next. The joshing disagreements with Ross seem contrived, and there is a need for some sort of crescendo. The music, although delivered with enough volume for a much larger hall, is wonderful and full of hand-clapping energy.

"The Gospel According to Me" will play again tonight at the Source Theatre as part of the ongoing theater festival.