There were gaggles of giggles and oodles of aaaaaaahhhhs, zillions of freckles and miles of curly locks in attendance at Carter Barron last night, as hundreds of kids (with their parents in tow) turned out for the first of the Young Family Concerts series.

Singer-songwriter Barry Louis Polisar opened the evening with a childish and childlike collection of playful goodies. He had the crowd singing (or rather, woofing) along with "I Wanna Be a Dog" and elicited a fair share of squeals with "Never Cook Your Sister in a Frying Pan." His song about a fed-up mommy who runs away from home produced laughter from the home produced laughter from the peanut gallery and more than one nervous, knowing smile from the mature set.

The Plexus Mime Theatre followed with a rib-tickling, side-splitting, hair-raising performance that was worthy of a circus huckster's hyperbole. Jill Hewston, Robert Morse and Joe Mori juggled, danced, actcd and slap-dashed their way through a show that challenged the imagination and delivered several sharp pokes at the funny bone.

The series will continue Aug. 7 and 21 at the amphitheater. The performances are designed as entertainment for children. But if your voice has changed and your freckles have given way to wrinkles, come along anyway. Why let the kids have all the fun?