KAL RUDMAN WEARS a telephone like most people wear a tie. In a brief dialogue, he tugs at it, switches it from ear to ear, squirms in his seat and sends out a steady patter of music-biz talk, which means calling everyone "babe," dropping a lot of rock 'n' roll minutiae, and symbiotically exchanging information. One standard rule for his workers: Get the name, the call letters and the town. It helps him know how to talk on the phone. This conversation took only four minutes. Obviously, it only represents one side.

-- Hello, how are you . . . good.

-- Yeah, go ahead babe . . . For ELO, I think it's going to be the biggest single they ever had of all of them. As far as the [picks] it was a close tussle with Stevie Nicks as to most added and what stations. It was a matter of decimal points.

-- I would say that the safest add you'll make . . . If you ever had any danger, this ain't it.

-- It isn't going to hurt you . . . I wouldn't overdo it, though, not with your current [rating] book. I hope the breakdown is better than the overall . . . Is it good? I figured that . . . You lost all those teens you were shooting for? You're not laughing, Al. I just wanted to see if you'd bite.

-- "Silly" by Deniece Williams, even though it's R&B . . . Almost No. 1 phones [call-in requests] already . . . The album's over 300,000 and this is the cut that's selling the album. I think you could get away with it. It's not smacky, she's got that cute voice.

-- You like Voggue "Dancin' the Night Away"? I loved it, yeah I nailed it in the sheet . . . You know, you could play the Allman Brothers' "Straight From the Heart." I can't believe a straight AC record. They must have been desperate to put out an adult contemporary . . . You could play Journey, too . . . It gives you a young image. You don't even have to announce who it is, just play the record, right? Of course.

-- You playing "Chloe," Elton John? I think it's going to be all right. You know how I listen to it. I turn it down very, very low and then see if the melody gets legs. Then I liked it.

-- You going to play Stevie Nicks? . . .Too hard? . . . Too tough, yah . . . How about John Denver, can you believe it? . . .

-- You're playing the Beach Boys' medley aren't you? You like "California" better? . . . The beat, yeah . . . How about Tom Petty's "Woman In Love"? It's not rock 'n' roll, it's borderline . . . it's hip image, you'll pick up another share with hip 18-24 males, man . . . You'll start getting commercials for Trojans . . . ha, ha, ha.

You like the Garfunkel? How about the Rex Smith/Rachel Sweet, is that a hit. You think it's a winner? Okay, bye.