Richard Viguerie, the conservative direct-mail expert, was born on Sept. 23, 1933, and has his Sun in Libra. He has been a wizard in raising money for the Moral Majority as it began its trek to the Promised Land. The Promised Land was to be not one nation under God, but one nation under a Christian God, where all marched to the beat of a single new right drum. It was to be a society where all moral, ethical, and religious standards were decided by the Rev. Jerry Falwell and Co.

This dream was badly shattered by President Reagan's appointment of Mrs. O'Connor. Viguerie vigorously objected, saying, "The White House does not understand our coalition. The whole social conservative thing is not their cup of tea."

I am surprised that Viguerie was surprised. His chart indicates he is a very intelligent man, who should have known that President Reagan means to be the president of all the people, and not just of some people.

And yet, looking at Viguerie's chart, I can understand his personal disappointment. It is the chart of a man who equates power with money, who has the necessary intelligence and drive to attain both, and does not like to be thwarted in his endeavors. His Sun, conjunct both Venus and Jupiter in Libra, endows him with pleasant manner, nice smile and a considerable amount of luck. Such Libra configuration provides one with objectivity and the ability to look at both sides of an issue; it makes one quite deliberate in balancing the pros and cons of any situation before an opinion is rendered. This rather pleasant and easygoing configuration is considerably cooled off on this chart by its aspect to afflicted Saturn (the Saturn identical to Falwell's Saturn, since they are only two months apart), but it augments judicial ability and the need for fairness and balance.

On this chart, however, all those positive traits are subjugated and redirected to promote the primary goal. This drive for power and/or money is shown by very potent Scorpio conjunction of Mars, Moon and Mercury, ruthlessly afflicted by tyrannical Saturn.

And thus, the mind is excellent, sharp, perceptive, sarcastic, observant and so penetrating that it can literally hear the grass grow. Viguerie can see through lies, deception and hypocrisy, and he is perfectly aware at all times of what he and the other are thinking.

This Scorpio conjunction makes for a formidable enemy, who can be singleminded in his pursuit. Such an aspect never gives a quarter, and never gives up the fight. One does not ask of such a person either compassion or mercy. The deliberate and judicial Libra planets on this chart are used to provide an insight for the best choice of weapons, and coldly calculate the most deadly thrust. All of these planets would make this man very happy if he could rule the world.

And yet, it is a chart of someone who was probably subjected to a great deal of deprivation and probably was cruely treated in childhood.

This chart implies that Viguerie is too intelligent and objective to attach himself and blindly espouse any fanatical cause, even though he can be quite fanatical about the one cause he firmly believes in -- himself. This is a chart of a survivor who will skillfully exploit any opportunity either to make money, or to amass power, or both. I would venture to say that if any cause would come along that would be more profitable than the one he currently espouses, he could easily switch, and his Libra planets would provide him with a perfect rationalization.

He should be on guard this fall and during 1982, for there is trouble brewing in partnerships of any kind (including marriage). He may have to relocate, and he should watch his health (sugar intake). He may have problems with his employes, and his financial picture is subject to ups and downs and may not be as rosy as he expects.

He might be entertaining the idea of running for some political office and I would suggest that he will be very careful, because badly afflicted Moon (representing women and population) usually turns public opinion against the person.

In this chart power and money are the primary driving forces, and, even though, through life, the avenues that this person would pursue in order to obtain them might be quite varied, nevertheless, using other people's resources to his own benefit is the most fruitful and successful path to travel.