"We're celebrating the royal wedding. Isn't everybody?" said Elisa Boyd, clad in a wedding gown in yesterday's 90-degree heat. Boyd and the eight other members of Washington's semiprofessional Feet First tap-dance troupe tapped out a less-than reverent tribute to the royal couple for a hot, curious lunchtime crowd at Farragut Square.

"Lady Di's a tap-dancer, you know. I read that in Vogue," Body explained. "And of course she woed and won Prince Charles with her fancy footwork."

The troupe's six women wore decidedly antique and very hot-looking wedding gowns, donated by the Museum of Temporary Art. "They were moving and they asked if we could use the gowns," said Jasmine Leopold, a tap-dancer who organized the free outdoor performance. "We were going to do something with them for the AFI's Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers festival, but it seems we found a more appropriate use for them."

Camera crews from Cable News Network and NBC's "Today" show clambered on the statute of Admiral Farragut and aimed their mikes at the concrete dance floor, dutifully filming the sovereign silliness. Although the taped jazz accompaniment was drowned out by the growl of traffic and a hammering pile driver, the dancers managed a show of enthusiasm and majestic mugging. Shouts of "Shuffle off to Buckingham!" were audible in passable British accents as they danced to the "Hawaii-Five-O" theme to kick off the royal honeymoon. "Muskrate Ramble" featured a step termed "falling off the pony" by dancer Charity Ball, commemorating the prince's much-publicized polo prowness.

The Washington "wedding party" tossed the traditional rice into the audience as a finale and rushed to peel off the heavy gowns and tuxedos and grab a Tab. "One thing's for sure," panted Boyd. "We're the hottest brides in town."